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  1. There is usually more than meets the eye when you come across spots like that, especially if you can move much of the overburden, and get up under the boulders.  Here is what I managed to unearth last month by lifting (if possible), undermining, and/or moving the boulders and the associated collections of rocks and dirt that backs up behind those boulders.  It's about 1-gram shy of a quarter oz.  Three of the smaller nuggets where in the same hole as the 2nd largest (a 1-gram +) nugget.  This methodology( although not many like utilizing it), keeps the O'l back and muscles in shape.  And the return on nuggets is much better than just swinging a detector.  Gary   


    1. Alwaysdirty


      Nice Gary. This spot doesn't have to many boulders as large as I pictured. It has also been placered in the last 10 years or less by persons not completely thorough in their search, I'm sure P.I.'s have been through here too. The gold I find here is deep in black sand pockets, under boulders or up on the sides. I literally leave no stone unturned. The boulder pictured I actually moved left, right and propped it up to check underneath it so as not to miss anything. Its fun too me being able to pull gold from areas worked by others, but you have to put in the work and think outside the box as to the run of the wash and how it may have eroded to its current run.


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