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  1. In short Adam is right. My opinion is discrimination nugget hunting only complicates things. Don't use it! Cover it with tape, learn the sounds, after lots of practice and digging MANY targets you will be able to tell the difference in sounds between target types. Be very patient during this learning process. You will have many trashy/hot rock days before you get the hang of it, just accept that fact, use your first nugget as practice. Watching the disc screen will keep your hearing distracted from listening carefully. Our brains are much better at focusing on one thing at a time.
  2. It is loud! Almost too loud, it about echoes through the valley your in. The sound dampening of headphones helps me concentrate on the sounds of the detector and not think about the dozen Wasps buzzing around my head!
  3. Sennhauser makes a good headphone. I've looked at their 150 ohm models but its a gamble how they'll sound with my detector. I just think that if someone were to buy new headphones for detecting they should be spending $100+ on headphones designed for detecting. Personally, I have some relief knowing its not the headphones possibly acting as one of many limiting factors to finding a nugget. Maybe there is the ultimate set of phones out there somewhere for each one of us, wish I could try them all...
  4. From what I found those are only 64 ohm headphones. You might be missing sounds made by the monster, detector headphones should be good to 150 ohm's. I tried my audiophile grade Grado headphones that are amazing for listening to music too, with the monster it did not sound anything like my Jimmy Sierra or Detector pro headphones, somewhat muffled/distorted, it was no bueno for me. Like my Grados they come with an 1/8 jack wired and a 1/4 adapter you can remove, so they do plug right into the monster. I bet his loud speaker still sounds on the monster which is very annoying, but maybe not.
  5. Agreed, crush that thing and lets see 2 ounces of gold in a pan!
  6. Glad you made it out that really sucks. Nice gold though!
  7. Nice first gold! Hillside to boot, even better. Try taking a rake and clearing the rocks where you found that nugget to get a little deeper with your beeper.
  8. Nice! Is that hillside drywashed gold?
  9. Nice, not easy to hear a target that small in mud. I think the monster is tougher to use on wet ground than the GB2. Hope you get more out there!
  10. Yep, better late than never. Happy Birthday Tom!!
  11. Here you go Tom, the little ones about the same age the big one was when I posted the drywashing picture your probably thinking of. In this pic they are pointing at the same nugget I have "insitu" with the knife. They had to take turns picking the nuggets and putting them in the container, of course, that was a fight at first.
  12. It is Dan! You might not get as much prospecting time in but the time with them is priceless and they have a ton of fun out there in imagination land. They dont know it yet but they are my prospecting apprentices and someday soon will be pulling nuggets with me! I dont think it does! I dont set high expectations and take a bunch of patience with me, a whole bunch! They did exceptional this trip though, although trying to get the youngest one to eat her lunch proved difficult as usual.
  13. I live in the middle of that map, my guess is all the people abusing the 14 day camping limit. Area 2 in the pink is the worst, I frequent the black hills just over HWY 260 from my house there and it is basically camper and homeless villages setup over there and some have been there months. Its snow birds, hippie travelers and people trying to make it in Sedona that cannot afford to live there, Air BNB has ran out all the local rental properties and in the last couple years I have seen much more camping around the Verde Valley on national forest. All the worthless hippie millennial's have been getting these areas closed by trashing them and staying more than 14 days, I think the forest service is sick of going out and running these people off. National forest camping around Sedona has been closing and it pushes them all out toward Cottonwood and Camp Verde, now that land is getting closed! The areas at the Black Hills across from 1000 trails recently had large boulders brought in to block camping spots, they also make nice obstacles for my Bronco .
  14. Yesterday I was able to make it out with the kiddos for a relaxed day of prospecting. Normally, if I take them with me its to a known spot and we spend most of our time on known patches. This trip I decided to do some exploring with them on new ground. Usually by myself I will hit quite a few washes in a day, having a four and seven year old in tow I only chose one wash to check out and it was only a half mile from the road. Well, lucky for me we didn’t even get 500’ from the road when we came across a nice section of bedrock in a small wash that caught my eye. Next, I noticed rock stacks on both sides that were washed down and difficult to recognize, it looked like one of adam’s “after” pics. I got down to check things out and spotted a tiny little sunbaker on bedrock, the smallest piece in the pics below. Lets get to placering! We spent a good portion of the day at this spot goofing around and could hear the roar of RZR’s going by throughout the day. The work was easy as the overburden was shallow and the big rocks were removed, someone had to of already placered and detected this section as we got the same amount of trash targets as gold targets, normally in a spot this close to the road I would find at least 50 BB’s. I haven’t been out but a few times in 2018 so I was a little rusty with the GM1000. Thick, moist, black sand deposits, quarter size hematite chunks and noisy bedrock made things a little tricky, lots of overload signals. It took some extra work to verify I wasn’t missing gold masked by those other targets. In the end we had a great time and I couldn’t have asked for a better day out, and an added bonus is the kids slept great last night!
  15. Holy cow another great one! Its a speci fiesta! Who's next?!
  16. Awesome find!! Hope you report back with more of those.
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