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  1. Thats a good way to celebrate an old friend. Way to go bd.
  2. I have high hopes of making this one. Thanks Bill!
  3. Holy cow adam your heat resistant! Whats your secret!? Those are defenitely some hard earned nuggets! Wtg
  4. Using the monster is a lot of fun. Hope you find some more yellow stuff!
  5. Way to go bd, thats some dedication!
  6. I felt like I was being watched, now you know what wash I dropped into. lol!
  7. Yeah, then you spend an hour when you get home picking them out of your socks and boot laces. Nice nugget Gary!
  8. Nice finds dude! I was down there Sunday as well. Did you see my 4Runner parked near that area? We got in late and left early so maybe not. There was a couple large groups of quad riders, unusual for that side road.
  9. Way to go! Very nice guys. Thanks for sharing!!
  10. Prayers out to Tom from the family and I, glad to hear he is feeling better. Tough old guy you are Tom!
  11. It all depends how fast you want something to sell. I hate waiting to sell stuff and dealing with flakes. I just list stuff cheap and get it gone quick. If your item isn't selling fast enough lower your price considerably. Yep, except for Rods Z.
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