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  1. Wtg, gotta love the monster. Hope you get some more!!!
  2. Sad to hear this. I always liked Freds response's to the banter in some threads. Remember reading an article or two in ICMJ by him as well. He seemed like a great guy. RIP
  3. Nice goin Luke! Great lookin new wash, glad you got some!
  4. On my phone running Chrome browser I get ad's everywhere, click on a topic and an ad takes over the whole screen. Now viewing on Duckduckgo browser and zero ads. I trashed Chrome.
  5. Hi Scott, Find yourself this book I posted a pic of. I used to live in Colorado Springs and this book got me on the gold while I lived in CO. I also used to visit the Colorado Springs Public Library which had more books and maps on placering and old claims in Colorado then you could ever read in a lifetime. There is many lost small placers and mines worth investigating if you take the time. Also the major past workings still produce gold for those willing to do the work and research to find open ground which is abundant, again, if you take the time to research.
  6. Very nice! I wonder if that's one of those targets passed on by other detectorists thinking it was trash. Congrats!
  7. Dude thats awesome! Nice to see others taking the family out too. It takes some patience but its worth it for the kiddos. Keep it up!
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