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  1. Alwaysdirty

    Saturday nugget shooter hunt

    Interesting gold. Nice finds in a new area, thats a good day bd!
  2. Alwaysdirty

    November 2018 Outing Pictures

    Great pics.Looks like Adam's kids made out like bandits! Glad everyone had a good time, wish I could have made it. Thanks for sharing!
  3. Alwaysdirty

    Full time prospecting?

    Hmmm...I would use the money to get my family into a bigger home! You say you don't gamble but your about to gamble a years salary on prospecting fulltime and sounds like your a novice at that, the odds are very highly NOT in your favor. Invest that money more wisely and learn prospecting as a hobby, not stressing daily looking for gold to survive. Take your daughters out prospecting for fun and make memories with them. If you didn't have kids though, I would say go for it. If you do try it, listen to some of the great advice the guys have shared and good luck!
  4. Alwaysdirty


    Great finds Gary! Thanks for sharing.
  5. Alwaysdirty

    Ugly Ground but Beautiful Gold

    Very nice Andyy!!
  6. Alwaysdirty

    Two for Today ...

    Very nice adam. I hope you chase more of those to the source!
  7. Alwaysdirty

    First Nugget...

    Way to go!! Persistence pays off!
  8. Alwaysdirty

    Before & After

  9. Alwaysdirty

    Thanks Bill!

    That's a nice day!! Way to go.
  10. Alwaysdirty

    Vlf power

  11. Alwaysdirty

    Be careful out there.

    I'll add to that list of gas hazards. This year in one of our restaurants at work the draft beer quit pouring correctly. I went into the walkin to check the kegs and immediately could tell something was badly wrong and quickly exited. I looked at the CO2 tank and the regulator was frozen up. Some jackals untapped a keg and left the handle open which dumped an entire tall bottle of CO2 into the sealed walking cooler. I could have died in there!!!
  12. Alwaysdirty

    "WELL, ..."WHOW, AND HELLO!!!"

    Lol! I love the desert, you never know what your going to come across.
  13. Alwaysdirty

    Almost skunked

  14. Alwaysdirty

    Some Gold !

    Excellent! Hope you get onto more gold at that spot.
  15. Alwaysdirty

    The targets I dug today

    Way to go Luke! Nice job on reading the ground and using your detector. Sounds like at least one of those was missed by another detectorist if not all of them. Technique makes all the difference.