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  1. Broken Arrow, apparently that would be Charlie Salwasser in Randsburg. Never met him, although I hardly know anyone in Randsburg any longer. (I guess Russ Ford acquired the rights to the drywasher from Charlie.) Also, you say you know of two drywashers currently for sale. Are they both Beck drywashers?
  2. Thanks Hoser John for the book referral. I ordered a copy of Jim Straight's book today ($9 on Amazon).
  3. You can see photos in an imgur album: http://imgur.com/a/5IwvU One can see in the pictures that it's pretty dusty, but it's never been used. Thanks Frank C for the information on Russ Ford! I'll try to contact him.
  4. Hi folks. I’m new to the site and I’m not a prospector. I asked the admin for permission to post so I could discuss my drywasher. I’m hoping someone can give me an idea of what it’s worth. My grandfather was Harold Beck. When he died in the 1980s, my uncle Virgil took over the drywasher business and continued to build them using the same methods and materials my grandfather used. This is a genuine Beck drywasher and has the label stapled to the side of the hopper. (Note to the site admin: I was incorrect when I wrote you – this is the genuine article.) My uncle built this one shortly before he
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