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    I love being outside doing just about anything. I'm a Cattle Rancher, I've worked sense I was 9, worked very hard to be where I am and have never expected anyone to give me any thing. I love my family, I love America and pray that we can find the way back to the once great nation we were!

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  1. First photos reminded me of weathered antlers at least on the out side.
  2. Wow that does look like metal in the new photo's!
  3. Hey Hoser, we had some pretty tight security over there. My husband and I chose to learn the Swahili language rather than Belgian French. I read all the history I could get my hands on previous to moving over there. King of Belgian Leopold was the man behind Congo being Colonized, he was an evil man. Read King Leopold's Ghost. Learning Swahili went a long way to gaining respect from the Congolese, we made a lot of friends!
  4. Ok all kidding aside. Jeff is 5 foot 11. I think they most likely just drug it off to the crusher. I have smaller specimens of Congo Malachite here at home that looks very similar to this big guy ( the rock I mean )If I were living in the Congo right now I Guarantee that rock would go in my back yard and I'd spend my day's trying to get as big of chunks as I could off of it to bring home....
  5. He's 3' 6" he's going to bring the rock home so he can play on it in the front yard. I'm going to have to get my copy of The Book of Mormon and read up on the Jadites and Neferites Mom told me they were very virtuous.
  6. Jeff brought these home form Congo in February, TSA went through is baggage and broke every thing. Going to try and fix it but..... P.S. My Emotions wont work :(
  7. Yea John its pretty crazy place to live, especially with two teen girls. We were not allowed to pack heat over there, had to go to Kenya and purchase Masai spears, Blowdarts and Clubs . Hubby wants me to come back to live with him again there, was worried about going back... they might not let me back in USA after all the fussing I been doing online about our Gov.
  8. Mining, well that one went to the crusher, UNFOTUNATELY!
  9. My hubby in front of a Malachite rock, photo taken yesterday in DRC.
  10. Bedrock this is the green rock and other rock that sends my ATX screaming, not sure if these are better pic's. Any body use minecache? I was looking around my 40 acres I live on and Exxon was in here about 20 or so years ago and had about 30 lode claims for 3 years. My home sits on one. Noticed that there was a placer claim about a mile down the road that was worked for if I remember 8 years in 1980. I'm not getting out as much as I would like, this is some rough, rocky terrain and I don't think its a good idea to prospecting alone to far off the beaten path, any way to find out how much gold has been recovered on a claim?
  11. :25r30wi: :25r30wi:I think I will hang it from my yard tree, not a bad idea. Caught you on the C&W group, I'm not that young, In the Godda Davida uh huh, pure rock and roll. Used to sit in my big brothers room with the black light and posters and listen to that fine music! Love the post....
  12. My very first find with the ATX, metal butterfly. Kinda strange, in a wash way out here, just goes to show me how things travel in these dry washes that only run 3 or 4 for times a year. Maybe the next pic will be GOLD, well I can wish!
  13. Well sense you mentioned it Bail has read some where that you can train a dog to sniff out gold. I am of course all for it! I'll even bank roll the the kibble treats needed for the training
  14. Well no wonder the Garrett is beeping at these quartz veins, there is copper ore all over the place. I was just zeroed in on the quartz and not the greater surrounding area. Going to keep scratching at these though, looks like a possible place to find gold, I think???
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