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    I love being outside doing just about anything. I'm a Cattle Rancher, I've worked sense I was 9, worked very hard to be where I am and have never expected anyone to give me any thing. I love my family, I love America and pray that we can find the way back to the once great nation we were!

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  1. :25r30wi: :25r30wi:I think I will hang it from my yard tree, not a bad idea. Caught you on the C&W group, I'm not that young, In the Godda Davida uh huh, pure rock and roll. Used to sit in my big brothers room with the black light and posters and listen to that fine music! Love the post....
  2. My very first find with the ATX, metal butterfly. Kinda strange, in a wash way out here, just goes to show me how things travel in these dry washes that only run 3 or 4 for times a year. Maybe the next pic will be GOLD, well I can wish!
  3. Bail added us to the poll 3 of us. We went out Friday and cut a little jag of wood to contribute to the camp fire. Sure looking forward to meeting you all and learning a few things!
  4. My grandkids talk to these two occasionally, their about the same height. Brought some neat stuff from DRC.
  5. HaHa yea its pretty cool, they first started making them in the 18th century. When Jeff and Ifirst took our girls then age 11 and 14 to Congo we went to visit a village Chief, thought that would be cool and It was. He asked Jeff if he wanted to sit in his chief chair so Jeff does and then the interpreter tells Jeff that he is required to give the chief his watch in return laughed my butt off! Then some of the village men asked Jeff how much we would sale Jessi for if they wanted to marry her, how many pigs, goats canoes, ect. Jessi wasn't laughing.....
  6. Yea it is Dutchman, glad you like it! the x to the left of the tombstone is called a Katanga Cross, it came from Congo. That used to be their currency Katanga Crosses in various sizes.
  7. Awesome tips ya'll, Jeff will be impressed at what I'm learning here! Thanks!
  8. Dutchman are you talking about the Tombstone piece?
  9. Garimpo, Here's a top side view, we measured out two different 1 oz piles of gold and then melted them down. The one pictured didn't turn out as clean as the first one, we think maybe there's a little copper or some other metal in it. Jeff added more borax twice and put the torch back to it, we got it to a liquid state again but it just wouldn't dry all shiny and clean like the first oz. I had to hold the troch on the gold while Jeff poured it into a little square 1 oz block maker. Think we will just start making buttons
  10. Yea I know I'm a newbie, but I'm no dummy at least I hope I'm not My other half brings this gold home from Congo. He acid tests it and says he knows what he's doing. I'll have to have him line me out on that process. We bought a little bowl not sure what its called but you can get it red hot. Jeff added some borax to the gold and melted it into what you see below with the big torch.
  11. Garimpo, At first glance at your above message I thought you were funning me and telling me to get some lipstick I was really overwhelmed when I got the Garrett set up. It was very easy set up, had my Leatherman handy but never had to use it. The started when I turned it on! I thought wow I'm in over my head... I put it away as I was at my Daughters house getting ready to BBQ, didn't want one of the guys trying it out Got home yesterday reread the manual, watched another video, gathered my learning supplies and got to work. I'm in love with this machine!!!! Whole different animal than any thing I have ever used. I now know what learning curve means but I'm confident I will master this baby before I go to LSD Outing. Thanks for sharing in my enthusiasm, having a Blast!!!
  12. Going to the LSD Outing YAAAAY! Bill will the store be open on the 6th of Feb? If so we were going to stop in on our way to Jackass Flats. If you have some Hipsticks I'd like to purchase one. The Garrett came with a shoulder strap but if there is another better gadget to help on the weight I need one! Thanks again all for the advise!
  13. Thanks Mike and Bill see you then!
  14. Oh and we live on the other side of the state, can we go set up camp Thursday eve?
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