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  1. Decided not to use toilet lid .. wife is agressive :D please refer to my previous comment to see if you could give me a hint. I heard that the streak test is mainly for iron , as stones do not produce streaks .. didn't got it 100% but tyring still to understand. Regards Fred and thx
  2. Streak Streak test done (as I could ) in a piece of paper with the smashed fragment. As you see it doesn't appear to leave any colour.
  3. Thanks Mike. I would like to ask you the reasons that make you think that's not a meteorite. It is just to gain a bit more knowledge about the subject , as you appear an experienced person and me.. well.. justa started Regards
  4. Thank you Guys for replying so fast. I'll do the streak test and will let you know.
  5. Good evening folks . I'm new to the subject and recently found what seems to be a hot rock but as far as I could test, It has all the meteoritical properties ( despite that it doesn't appear to have the typical fusion crust). Density is around 3.0gr/cm3 and weight aboout 1880gr . Found it at the seashore , which for me is intriguing as it doesnt appear to have any rust traces also. Some pics for anyone who could give me a hint . Thanks
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