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  1. Well everyone thanks for the input. I am not gonna be able to get pics for a while now cuz its covered in snow and my friend is beyond lazy. But I think i have a great starting point now thanks to everyone that posted! Next year if i get it tested or some better pics i'll start up a new thread.
  2. Thanks i'll check them out next summer if i cant find another place seems they're only open from may til october but i'll try to email them.. And that facebook page seems to be dead since 2011 lol
  3. Ok i'll check into that.. Oh yes we have Alot of tourmaline around here and plenty more to be found im sure! I would like to get into gemstone hunting and also gold panning as we have alot of that too that has yet to be found and lots of other gems and geodes. It's a wonderful state thats for sure!
  4. Ya i don't know. Maybe instead i should of asked what type of shop i could bring this to, to identify in person. I'm confused lol I did learn some things tho so thank you all!. I'm not gonna break it up but might try the toilet lid idea next time i see the rock. But ya who normally identifies something like this a gem and gold shop?
  5. lol Thanks j I looked it up too after i read your comment.
  6. so it sounds like i should maybe break this rock up to do that kind of test? If so what would be the best way to do that without totally screwing the thing up?
  7. Cool thanks for the response.. I agree with you. I'm not sure what you mean by streak testing though. I can get my hands on a piece of slate tho got all kinds around here.
  8. More pics to come. I had no idea how helpful this site would be.. glad i found it. so i only took a couple quick pics last sunday night during football. I've been doing some research and maine does have chert so it very well could be.
  9. Ya I will get some better pictures as soon as possible. This site is very helpful and sounds like one of the 2 suggested. I might not get any til next weekend unless my friend can take some and send them to me today . I will keep everyone posted
  10. I just aint sure, sounds like it could be what your talking about too. I'm pretty sure maine has tons of quartz around. And my first thoughts was something to do with quartz because some of the veins in the rock look like quartz
  11. Someone told my friend it was flint a while ago but that was just a guess.. flint is chert?
  12. No i dont know how but might look into to how to do it or at least shine some up somehow
  13. Thanks everyone for your replies! Taking them all into consideration.
  14. thats what its sounding like so far.. what do you mean by cobbed nice? If it is petrified wood i would like to try and figure out how to make stuff out of it maybe arrow heads or something like that if possible.
  15. Cool thanks for the input! Now to figure out what i can do with it if anything. What kind of shops usually buy this?
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