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  1. Hi i have had this little rock for a couple of years now and i am struggling to get it tested to see if its a wrongun or a rightun . Nowere does testing in uk . Nhm wont test it till it been tested for nickle ?? Dont get that bit ? So i am going to get it done myself . I have had a thread about it on hear a couple of years ago and nobody seem to know what it is . Its mildly magnetic Found in a field with a detector Density 7.4 237 grams Crust with bright shiny metal 50mm×30mm
  2. regarding the found dutchmans post , I have taken this to our local museum but nobody was available to have a look at it , so I went up to the fossils an dinasaurs level an showed it to the staff guy, he says its not his field (meteorites), so he takes a look under the microscope anyway an says -wow are you thinking what im thinking- meteorite, he called a college over an she was just as puzzled saying she didn't no either guessing it was copper, slag, so on then she says it could be a nugget of platinum ,LOL . to go back over the museum is a boat ride an a day out so I don't get much time . w
  3. just chipped it crushed it , easer than I thought , it just crushed into a pile of bright silvery powder and left NO coulors what so ever , I have never seen a stone crush into a pile of metal flakes like that before , made a weird sound as I crushed it , but might of been what I crushed it on ??
  4. ok , do I just smash it , crush to a fine power an then rub on white wrighting paper ?? and what should I be looking for ?
  5. I was 50 \ 50 , but hear are some more pics , these are close ups of different parts of the stone?
  6. these are mobile pics I will upload sum digital cam 1s tomorrow
  7. hi guys first post on hear , I found this nice rock with a metal detector in England , has little spherical things in it under a magnifier,is magnetic, weights 238 grams and is a real puzzler ? more close up pics available
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