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  1. I have been looking all over for a 1cm scale cube. I can't find any anywhere, only cheap plastic or rubber ones. I had some 1cm black Nickel coated Neodymium magnets made into 1cm scale cubes for meteorite photos. Any takers?
  2. I know that gold melts at a bit above 1900 deg f but what about nuggets? I would think it would be less because of impurities in the nuggets. I am going to be testing some small nuggets and fusing them(1450-1500 f) in glass but wanted a ball park temp if anyone might know?
  3. Does anyone have a good picture of petrified palm wood, or "palm bog" like what can be found out near Alamo Lake? We were out there a couple weeks ago, and tried looking for it, but I'm not sure what it really should look like. The only pic. in my rock book is an old black and white photo. :???: We did find a little bit of nice agate looking stuff.
  4. Near Seagrove, NC(15 miles) where I have my shop, back in the 1930 ish time frame, a meteorite hit and a part was recovered (79 KG). I have found a little info but is there a good website for getting the data on landing sites and direction of the strewn fields. The Lat/Long I have puts it at a church which makes me thing it was a generalized location and might be off by several miles. Since I am new to this part of prospecting, I don't really know what kind of data exist.
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