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  1. As hard as you hunt Bill, you deserve a great find.......congrats.
  2. Nice looking ring......brings back some good memories.
  3. Anybody that will fight against Government over-reach is doing a good job in my book. Good to see that the little guy won one for a change.........
  4. Thanks for that story Terry....makes a person wonder if our loved ones actually do leave us when they pass.... or possibly not until their business on this plane has been completed anyway. Goosebumps on my arms!
  5. If we don't take care who gets into the White House in January of 2017 Grubstake, it may get really cold in Hell.........
  6. I have also noticed, over time, and with very few exceptions, it is usually the same "core group" of folks that will be the ones that post their finds and comments, their adventures, their pictures and their stories to their circle of friends. So I will ask...are new members too busy to post, or not knowing what to say about a post, or is it a fear of not being acknowledged in a constructive way, after they do post or what? I believe that if a forum is to continue to be active, ya got to get folks involved in the topics and feeling like they are or can become a part of the site community.......and that their responses or comments are worth their time to contribute and not something to be "glossed" over and ignored. Then again, the newer members need to post something to get the ball rolling.........
  7. had to clean up my keyboard Chris....was leaning forward to look at the picture you posted of the nuggets and evidently drooled all over the keyboard! Nice gold!
  8. Great find.....jewelry that you find in out-of-the-way places like yours is always exciting.
  9. and the saddest thing about it is .........it keeps getting worse everyday. Soon, only the very rich or those with a lot of "suck" will be able to enjoy the outdoors.
  10. Interesting...a lot of the rodents seem to be jumping ship. wonder if some are concerned with their decisions to remain with BLM in the face of the developing issues with land-grabbing across the country?
  11. In the winter months up here in the cooler country and we don, t get out that much, it is nice to see some sweet gold nuggets. NICE post and picture.
  12. Just to add my 2-bits......the trend of those lawmakers in the greatly populated Eastern part of this country to make laws for themselves that ultimately screw with those of us in the Western part of this country, is continuing to this day.....not only on the Federal level, but on a State-wide level as well. We STILL seem to be paying for a debt that has been increasing yearly since the 1860's by slowly loosing our rights to log timber, work our claims or even to use the public lands for recreational purposes. All the Mineral Wealth and Natural Resources here in the Western States are slowly but surely coming under some form of Federal Control and the "little guy" is being phased out of existence. It started way back when and hasn't stopped yet...........
  13. Thanks for posting the video Terry.....love old guns and rifles too.
  14. IMO, neither one of them will be good gold detectors. But, both are good jewelry and coinshooters with the e-trac having better target ID and more bells and whistles and costing a lot more. I use the SE Pro (kinda right between both of them) and personally, have found everything that users of the e-trac have found at comparable depths. Guess it just depends on what you want from your detector and the area you hunt...all three are good detectors for what they will be used for. See if you can borrow one to use for a while.....that will help you make up your mind. Good Luck........
  15. Most of us had a "gut feeling" that he might just do that John. Sure do think somebody or something got him spooked.......
  16. couldn't think of a better way to kick-start the new year Bill..... those are some sweet looking nuggets......nice find for sure.
  17. I feel confident Chrisski that, that is what BLM and others are banking on. Too expensive and then they get the land withdrawn from mineral exploration.
  18. For Heaven's Sake......never show that video to the Anti-gunners.... or allow them to read the statistics....it would totally blow their minds back to the age of rocks and sticks. Like it! A Lot!
  19. Agreed garimpo...........too bad that the illegals that are crashing our borders to do us harm and those that are trying to destroy from within, do not realize the beauty of this land that they are ruining. (Starting with Washington, D.C.)
  20. For some reason or another, this land withdrawal smacks of the "spotted owl" fiasco some years ago that put a lot of loggers out of work. I'm getting a huge headache wondering what other bone-headed antics BLM will try next.
  21. yhuppp! enjoy your special day....both of you guys.
  22. When it comes down to finding and recovering treasure......money, power and greed seems to always get involved and NO ONE is willing to play nice. It takes a lot of effort and time to locate treasures, so a 5% finders fee is practically nothing in the large run.
  23. BLM was probably waiting for the owners to "lose interest" or "run out of money", or possibly "die off". After 25 years, they must have gotten the hint that the miners/owners were NOT going away and issued the patent. Better waaaaay late than never, I suppose.
  24. Those sure do look sweet....nice job guys!
  25. you might want to consider getting a smaller handheld probe that you can wear on your belt to accompany your Explorer......mainly because it will assist you in finding your target WITHOUT digging a plug that you could drop a VW beetle in. Some places (like tot lots) would frown upon large, unsightly plugs that do not blend in well with the surrounding area. Not saying that's what you do, but we have all seen what some new detectorists can do and have done.........not purdy and actions like that screws things up for others. The smaller the plug, the better for all of us.
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