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  1. As hard as you hunt Bill, you deserve a great find.......congrats.
  2. I have also noticed, over time, and with very few exceptions, it is usually the same "core group" of folks that will be the ones that post their finds and comments, their adventures, their pictures and their stories to their circle of friends. So I will ask...are new members too busy to post, or not knowing what to say about a post, or is it a fear of not being acknowledged in a constructive way, after they do post or what? I believe that if a forum is to continue to be active, ya got to get folks involved in the topics and feeling like they are or can become a part of the site community.......and that their responses or comments are worth their time to contribute and not something to be "glossed" over and ignored. Then again, the newer members need to post something to get the ball rolling.........
  3. had to clean up my keyboard Chris....was leaning forward to look at the picture you posted of the nuggets and evidently drooled all over the keyboard! Nice gold!
  4. and the saddest thing about it is .........it keeps getting worse everyday. Soon, only the very rich or those with a lot of "suck" will be able to enjoy the outdoors.
  5. In the winter months up here in the cooler country and we don, t get out that much, it is nice to see some sweet gold nuggets. NICE post and picture.
  6. ya just know in your heart that he has his stir-stick in the pot and is mixing up everything he can think of before his demise in 2017. He promised to "fundamentally change" the U.S.A. in his re-election campaign.....that's one promise he seems to be bent on keeping.
  7. couldn't think of a better way to kick-start the new year Bill..... those are some sweet looking nuggets......nice find for sure.
  8. Agreed garimpo...........too bad that the illegals that are crashing our borders to do us harm and those that are trying to destroy from within, do not realize the beauty of this land that they are ruining. (Starting with Washington, D.C.)
  9. Garimpo......I took the liberty to copy and paste your post to my address book and send it along for all my contacts to watch. Hope you don't mind....too much. BTW....loved the video....he says it like it is and has my respect for doing so.... Wonder what the obummer administration would think about that coming from an allied nation's citizen?
  10. Those sure do look sweet....nice job guys!
  11. thanks for the updates and the links Weaver Hillbille........interesting information. This whole world is going to change very quickly.....very soon. Red Dawn?
  12. Thanks for sharing that story....I knew about Eddie as a war hero, but never heard about the ordeal in the raft. Most of us are way too quick to judge the older generations and their, sometimes, odd rituals. I never thought much about it until now, but my dad (WWII in submarine service) would do some strange things when sometimes entering or leaving a room. Now I think I can understand why..........thanks.
  13. It wouldn't hurt one bit for the rest of the nation to pick up their appreciation and follow suit with this program for the vets......Especially at the Federal level.
  14. Good advice John...a mining partner of mine did that last year after the summers work.... He found quite a bit of small gold from some spilled cons after panning it out. BONUS!
  15. Me too....made my day a whole bunch brighter!
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