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  1. As hard as you hunt Bill, you deserve a great find.......congrats.
  2. and the saddest thing about it is .........it keeps getting worse everyday. Soon, only the very rich or those with a lot of "suck" will be able to enjoy the outdoors.
  3. couldn't think of a better way to kick-start the new year Bill..... those are some sweet looking nuggets......nice find for sure.
  4. Agreed garimpo...........too bad that the illegals that are crashing our borders to do us harm and those that are trying to destroy from within, do not realize the beauty of this land that they are ruining. (Starting with Washington, D.C.)
  5. Thanks for sharing that story....I knew about Eddie as a war hero, but never heard about the ordeal in the raft. Most of us are way too quick to judge the older generations and their, sometimes, odd rituals. I never thought much about it until now, but my dad (WWII in submarine service) would do some strange things when sometimes entering or leaving a room. Now I think I can understand why..........thanks.
  6. It wouldn't hurt one bit for the rest of the nation to pick up their appreciation and follow suit with this program for the vets......Especially at the Federal level.
  7. Not much more you can say to that....wow indeed!
  8. Why is it that when your eyes get all watered up from watching great videos like those, that your nose plugs up and then starts running too? Makes you appreciate the sacrifices that our Military Families make and have made for all of us for the sake of our FREEDOM. Thanks for the reminders...........
  9. One can only dream of finding a nugget like that Ron. Congrats to you on a great find and for the excellent video documenting the dig. You guys done really good!
  10. Yepper..we have lost something for sure and After watching the Ross sisters perform..... I believe it is called "flexibility"....amazing!
  11. Very impressive nugget of specimen gold for sure. Well done sir! Beautiful.......
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