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  1. Thanks all. And yes I realized too late that the nice stream was shifted a bit.... Anyways I kinda like the DD coil, but maybe thats just because I haven't tried out a small mono yet. Hoping to make a trip out in a few weeks before the weather turns ugly. For some reason its hard to satisfy the gold fever in Houston.
  2. Well this year I had grand plans to get many weeks of detecting in with my new GPX. After a great in person field experience with El Dorado I thought I was ready to have a big year and get some serious experience under my belt. But a great opportunity to start my career popped up earlier than expected and I had to pack my bags and head down to Texas. Due to the early move I only got two more days of detecting under my belt after meeting El Dorado, but his help and guidance got me a couple of nice pieces. On the last day, I found my most attractive piece of gold to date, and the ugliest one as well. Hiking out that day I slipped and my face landed two feet from a baby rattle snake, and somehow learned to fly and avoid getting tagged on the face. Needless to say I think I crammed a whole season of excitement into that last day. Hope you enjoy the photos. JD
  3. Here is photo evidence. Thanks again Steve for the great morning!
  4. That helps a lot. Went back out today and indeed the single tones were not targets, just wobbles from ground conditions. Digging lots of trash, but that is to be expected. At least its small in size. Hitting the fields again tomorrow. Hoping for better luck!
  5. Hey all, Just got my hands on a 5000 and took it out for a spin today. I have one question. Are targets going to always have the high low sound? Or will some have a single sound (high or low)? I was getting quite a few subtle single tone sounds. I figured they were just hot areas, but they had the same kind of sound a good target on my GMT would have. The obvious answer would be to dig all of them, but I was also learning how to pinpoint with a larger coil and some of these sounds got lost when digging. Thank you!
  6. This is back in California and a little shoot off of the main eocene channels. There was a small hydro operation with a sluice and monitor. My first go through found 7 nuggets for around 2 grams. Not bad for my first trip! Problem is Im sitting here in Texas while I'm itching to get back to california. I think the next step is get on the ground. As for a concentration I found three that got caught in the bedrock entering the sluice. The rest were in clay. Not sure how far down bedrock is in some of the patch as it really only exposes itself as a knob right next to the sluice. There was some weathered rock that I believe was just the clay rich base of the old channel. Thanks for the tips!
  7. Greetings, I posted a while back about a location that I found that had never been detected. It was a small little area about a 1/4 to a 1/2 acre in size. My question being a new detectorist is how do I make sure I don't miss anything? Being inexperienced I feel as though I have swung over pretty much every inch, but I know thats probably not the case. I was using a GMT with the readings around 74 for mineralization. Would running over the area with a PI do much? Any suggestions on how to properly work the area would be much appreciated. Cheers, J.D.
  8. Back from my two day detecting trip. Lets just say I don't think I could have started out any better. Gold on the first day and even more on the second. I went to a little area that I have been researching, and as expected it hadn't been worked at all, at least by a detector. Lots of evidence of old workings in the area, but no modern human trash. It was great to get out and really get to see what the GMT could do, and learn the subtle differences in sounds between iron targets, gold, and hot rocks. Final gold total. One piece the first day (left side of the pic) and six on the second day. Not sure how much it weighs. One question for GMT users. What does it sound like when your coil is over a larger piece of gold? More like an iron target in terms of signal intensity? Cheers, JD
  9. Well I finally got out with my gmt for the first real time. Took some time to tell the difference in sounds, but it's coming quickly to me. Found lots of trash at the first site. At the second place I only spent twenty minutes or so, but I found gold!! Needless to say I'm hooked and hope to find more tomorrow. Full report and pics to follow.
  10. Thank you all for the great advice. I would really like to join the Gold Hounds, but I do no live in CA full time, and only spend short periods out here. Still worth joining? I have found a few places that look fun to detect as soon as this snow melts out. Will post results and trip details when I get out.
  11. Hello, My name is J.D. and I am brand new to metal detecting. Last summer I got myself a GMT and was able to swing it a couple of times, but with no luck (found lots of trash though). I stumbled across this site about a month ago and have been trying to read as much as I can. Being new to detecting I don't really know much about what I am doing and it makes locating a potential area difficult. Not sure what to look for etc. I have an extensive understanding of the motherlode geology, but nothing on how to translate that into finding good ground. I would love to hear any kind of advice and tips. If anybody else is in the Colfax/Dutch Flat area and would like to meet up that would be incredible too. Thanks for your responses and I look forward to showing my finds here on this great forum.
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