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  1. I had tests done at a laboratory through a guy who'se been in the gold business for 50 or so yrs. it cost me 100.00$ to have the metallic specimen tested the test shows that it is an "unknown alloy" have I discovered something special ? I don't know where to go from here can anyone help ? I can post more picts. if necessary.
  2. Do Magnets stick to "Lava bombs " ? every piece Ive found is either slightly or strongly attracted to a magnet, here's 4 of the heavy ones I just took out of the tumbler. these are slightly are attracted to a magnet. I did the streak test and there is a light grey streak when I push real hard.
  3. by the way thank you very much Saginaw for your interest/ I will go to the nearby college mon. and see what I can come up with. here's a cpl more picts of assorted finds from the area.
  4. Yes I have done a streak test and it doesn't really leave a streak (black or brown) if I push real hard I can get a grey streak out of it that is very light. is there any other tests I need to do ?
  5. Hi here's a cpl more picts of the heavy pieces I'm finding, these are as heavy as lead, vary in size and shape, the 1st pict is what they look like when I find them, the 2nd pict is a group of them the 3rd is one I cut in half, these are non magnetic but are ever so slightly attracted to a magnet all have a black/brown burn on the outside of them, whatever it is it is it's quite soft. if there is anything I can do to help in identifying them (close up picts. etc. please let me know. thanx.
  6. An udate to all this, the big green ones have pieces of Garnet all over and inside them, some of the smaler heavier ones are Silver & the larger heavier ones are still at the lab I'll get the outcome of those tests in a day or two, I really doubt someone "left this stuff for me to find" being it will probably turn out to be worth some $$$ I'll post the lab tests as soon as I getem. I'm wondering if anyone looked at the 3rd set of 4 picts I posted number 2 & 3 the similarities between the two, are they similar or is it just me.
  7. Here's a cpl more picts, the brown/black square one is about 12lbs. and I cleaned off a little spot of the surface which revealed silver colored metal, it's slightly attracted to a magnet, the other pict is various pieces I've collected, I also had a question. Can "slag" be created by the impact of a meteorite say terrestrial minerals being melted on impact or is slag only considered slag when its disguarded from mining operations.
  8. Yes all of these came from the same place & there's a heck of alot more than this I'm just having trouble downloading pictures right now I'll get some more on here in a day or two. thank you all for your interest and opinions.
  9. To be honest I really dont care either way weather or not they are meteors I'm just trying to get to the bottom of this I'm 50 yrs old and have been an outdoorsmen/hunter, rockhound and overall collector of many diff. things from outside and this just doesnt make any sense I have some silver chunks that I have been trying to photo and no matter what I do or what camera I use the picts turn out blurry, this is really strange. your opinions are respected and appreciated
  10. Some more picts of the pircrs I'm trying to figure out with your help there is a pict I got off the internet of a meteorite slice and one of the big pieces I found that I sliced they are very similar ? Some of the heavy Green pieces which are attracted to a magnet and have silver wire in them, one of the stones with Iron protruding out and one of the very heavy black burned ones that are silver inside please keep in mind all were burned I put some in acid to see what was inside. thanx for your opinions & answers. I will take better/other picts if necessary. I've given samples to soooo many so called mineral experts and they are all stumped.
  11. Here's a cpl more picts of things from the site and an artifact I found there.
  12. Thanx alot for the replies I'm gonna take some better pictures (natural light, etc). should have them posted by tomorrow. thanx again.
  13. Hi thanx for responding the area is in riverside county, ca. no mining history other than some Gem mining nearest I know of is 20 or so miles away, the circles arent depressed and there isnt a "curb around them" something I too also thought about but was thinking maybe they are so old that those things are gone,
  14. I am currently working in an area pretty far from off the beaten path was checking out the jobsite on google maps and notices two large circles on the ground about 1/4 mi away (apprx 100' across and apprx 75' across) the next day I went out walking in the area and about 100 yards away from these circles there's all kinds of very odd looking rocks on the ground some metal some stone some stone with metal in them I took a pict of one of the metal ones the material seems verry maliable with a silver/grey color I've found about 20 of these they are extremly heavy for there size I studied up a bit on meteorites and did the streak test and they leave no mark, there is no existing railroad or evedence of any old railroad tracks nearby and the fact that there is stone pieces should conclude it's not slag I would think, I'm wondering if this may be an ancient impact site , like I said near the site there is many of these pieces and outside of this area there is nothing that looks like this on the ground oh by the way every one of the pieces Im finding are attracted to a magnet some strongly some little. I even have some green pieces with black Gemmy looking hunks on/in them they are Green throught & have what looks like wire in them. I'll post more pictures tomorrow. these are picts of a heavy silver/grey one please keep in mind this is miles from civaiization.
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