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  1. Thanks Sara, Adam those are beautiful! I love the store idea =) We've stopped off at the mine in Wickenburg but it was late and dark so we weren't able to look around. We're gonna try it again this weekend. I'll have to do some research and check out Ajax soon
  2. These are my favorites =) Their shape, color, clarity and size are all so unique.I love when the citrine runs through, and I can't wait to find an amethyst! The tiiiny little perfectly clear ones have stolen my heart! I'm contemplating finding a jeweler that can cut some to place in maybe a set of earrings, or charm bracelet?? Any tips where to find an amethyst?? I've personally wandered off the beaten path and away from the heavy traffic areas... not a big fan of crowds, so a nice hike would be preferred if necessary =)
  3. Sara- What a great opportunity to have met such a gentleman! That must have been quite a treat! What a great story! I completely agree about the boy... everything happens for a reason, you were meant to find that boy and good will come to you for helping =) Thank you for sharing!
  4. Hi everyone! My name is Jody, my boyfriend and I have just recently discovered Diamond Point, and what a treasure we found! I am so excited to have found a conversation on these beautiful finds! I would love to join your discussion, I have many questions! =) I just went up yesterday and got some good ones, not as many as far as quantity, but the quality is much better than the first 2 times I went, which were within a month ago! Needless to say... I'm hooked! I have no interest in selling these, I am more interested in their energy properties and obvious beauty and wonder they hold. I've defi
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