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  1. Thanks for the tip. Looking at a map, where Iowa Hill Rd crosses the American River, is that Mineral Bar your talking about?
  2. Hey guys, Heading up to Sacramento area early November to visit a friend for my birthday. Taking my SDC2300 and would like some advise or general locations on where to swing it. I've never been up to Northern California and the amount of gold bering area is slightly overwhelming. Any advice on what to look for, what not to waste my time on would be greatly appreciated. Would love to put the detector over its first piece of gold. Would be an awesome 30th birthday present lol
  3. Sorry I didn't clarify. The new ones are selling for the regular price of 3750. The ones I have seen for 2600 are used or demo models
  4. Ready for my first Nugget Shooting trip!
  5. Check ebay. Ive seen a few sdc2300s go for 2600
  6. Thank you everyone for the appreciation. It was a good life experience and if I could do it all over I would. Detector shipped! Should have me SDC2300 in 3 days.
  7. Thanks, I'm well aware of the national monument status, as far as I know prospecting hasn't changed. I know plenty of people who still head up there every week in search of color.
  8. Hello, This is my first Nugget Shooting thread. I plan to update it as time allows. I'm about 2 hours from any locations that are know for detectable size Gold. I was honorable discharged from the Marine Corps in 2014. While serving I spent a fair amount of time sleeping in the brush and digging in the dirt. Once I was discharged I took up gold prospecting as it kept me sane and allowed me to enjoy my free time outdoors. I have spent most of my time drywashing and panning into tubs of water. I've owned a few gold machines (gold bug 2, and a GMT) I never found anything, but I also never traveled to where large nuggets have been found before. I recently got the go ahead from the wife to get a better gold machine. I just purchased a demo minelab sdc2300. I'm very excited to recieve it and am already planning my first trip up to the East Fork San Gabriel river. I'll update when the sdc23 arrives!
  9. I've done plenty of research using google. That's how I found out about the Ballena placers. I've moved yards of dirt and have never found anything larger that 20 mesh. I'm asking if anyone has had experience finding gold with a detector in the San Diego area or is it all small flake like I've already been recovering.
  10. I have always been curious if anyone does nugget shooting in San Diego. I live in Ramona, about 30 minutes from the Julian mining district. I have not been able to find any information as to whether or not nuggets have been found. I've done my fair share of panning and drywashing in the area but have never found anything larger than 20 mesh. I am thinking about buying a detector to go nugget shooting as the hunt inspires me. Any areas close to San Diego where you would recommend nugget hunting? Thanks!
  11. I have less than 2 weeks before I head to a claim on the rye nugget patch in nevada. No time to meet other gpx5000 usets as they are swinging a sd3000. Any tips or recommended settings?
  12. Just picked up a used GPX 5000. Any tips or tricks you can share with a newbie?
  13. I'm not sure why I said I have a Whites TDI, I have a Whites GMT lol. I was figuring if a Gp3500 could find the gold than a Gpx5000 should find it as well. He said it was something about the electronics being different. I bet it was probably just user error
  14. I currently have a Whites TDI detector. I am taking a trip up to a claim in northern Nevada to do some nugget shooting. I was planning on purchasing my first PI detector to take out on this trip. The claim owner told me i should get a GP 3000 or GP 3500 because the newer Minelab GPX series dosent work up there. He says that after they scrape the surface of the ground with a bulldozer that the soil composition is changed and the GPX series wont pick up nuggets, but the older GP series will? Does this make any sense? Im new to nugget shooting and have only used a detector to check tailings piles while drywashing. I wanted to invest in a PI detector so i would have a little more depth when searching for nuggets. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!
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