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  1. I knew I should have wrote Great pic(kle)s!
  2. Finally made it to the RRPC meeting Thursday night, after getting rear-ended while stopped on the 51N. It was a good meeting. My wife's back hurt too much to make it up to their outing on Saturday, so we went shopping for a panning kit instead. Found out instead of just buying a 4WD drive to get onto the claims, she wants to get a motorhome and quad so we can spend whole weekends prospecting, and head up to Alaska for a month sometime! I am a lucky man!!
  3. Thanks Max, It sounds pretty exciting. I guess I'll stop over there next Thursday, then, and see what's up. Dave
  4. Hi Mike, Thanks for the info. I sent in my membership application this morning. Now I will wait for the the arrival of the top secret treasure maps with the big X's marking the spots where the gold is! ;)
  5. Hi Adam, Thanks for the explanation, I will give them a try.
  6. I am thinking about joining the RRPC. I see a lot of lifetime memberships available in the classifieds in their newsletter. Is this a better deal than starting a new lifetime membership? What I mean is, are there hassles involved, or is it frowned upon by the club? I just want to get into some gold fields asap.
  7. Hi Hoser John, Where would I use that tuner cleaner? The Coil Cord contacts, or inside the control box somewhere?
  8. Hi, Thank you Caliche Chris, Hoser John, Mike, Uncle Ron, and Sawmill! I just about finished replying to you when my cursor jumped somewhere and it all disappeared. Thanks to you all for the great information. You've given me full confidence in my machine and the knowledge to get out there and find some gold with it now.
  9. Hi Au Seeker, Yes, I did download the manual for the GM3, thanks. I've been playin around setting up the Gain, Ground Balance, and messin with the VSAT timing. The Iron ID seems pretty cool. This is my first experience with a detector, and GOLD in general, so I'm tryin to learn all I can.
  10. Hey I appreciate your replies and help on my first posting! I just got in from practicing in the backyard and with careful ground balancing, seem to have gotten a smoother threshold. I think I need more time on this manual machine! Thanks.
  11. Hi, It clicks more, and the gaps are shorter, plus you can watch the needle swing up to "Iron"
  12. Hi Garimpo, thanks for the reply. The "Iron ID" is turned off. I have played with it though, and it seems to work really well.
  13. I am totally new to all of this, and have been playin in the backyard (stone) with my newly aquired Goldmaster 3. Have been through the manual and tried all the settings and can't seem to get a steady threshold without gaps. I'm swingin low and slow and tryin not to get "ahead of the threshold", but still get 1-3 second gaps with no sound. Just straightened out the coil cord and the strain reliefs seem ok. Brand new headphones. Ground balance seems to be adjusted ok and slightly positive. What am I doin wrong?
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