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  1. Here's a new vid from Australia...briefly discusses performance in the nasty WA gold fields. Cheers, Tye
  2. Here's what I've noticed over time... My thoughts (intentions) quite often seem to effect the physical world. This was my first experience several years ago when I was in college: It was at the end of the day...just starting to get dark. I was waiting for my girlfriend to get out of her last class of the day. I hadn't eaten all day. My blood sugar level was so low ... My hands were starting to shake. Needless to say, I was blinded by hunger. I went to a vending machine to get something to wolf down. Immediately I spotted a berry pie that I wanted badly! I reached in into my pocket and didn't
  3. Just wanted to mention this as I searched and did't see it listed in any posts. From my in ground and air testing, you can roughly double the detection depth of your Garrett Pro Pointer by using this little trick: Slide a piece of metal, a penny or nickel will do, down the side of pro pointer slowly until you just start to hear it chirp / beep. Back the metal a hair back upwards until the chirping stops and keep the metal in that spot.....now believe or not your pro pointer will sense the same object roughly twice as deep. The added sensitivity has been really useful for spotting the small guy
  4. Sometimes on my Garrett PP if I let a little mineralized dirt get stuck on the barrel it will do the same thing until I clean it off...doesn't take to much... Cheers, Tye
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