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  1. Mike here are a few of us starting to hunt NV near Vegas. If you have facebook look for the group Las Vegas Metal Detecting and Prospecting. We are there and would like for you to join. Happy hunting
  2. Thanks all for the help. Looking forward to a few days of panning. Great week of vacation ahead first the Coconino County Fair then Lynx lake to pan. Good times for all.
  3. Thanks I will make sure I remember to take a couple of cement tubs for finish work.
  4. Heading up to do some panning the first week on Sept. Just wandering if anyone knows if there is water flowing in the creek?
  5. No just filled pan from up the bank and walked to Lynx creek to pan. I guess if I had taken a classifier and a couple 5 gallon buckets it would have been a bit easier. There is always next time. Still had a great time.
  6. What a great two days at Lynx Lake. Nice weather and there is gold in there hills. All I took with me was a pan, rock pick and a plastic garden shovel. Think there is another trip in store for me this summer.
  7. I will be heading to Lynx lake for the first time this weekend. Any Ideas where to get started panning. Will be panning Friday and Saturday and wanted to see if there is a starting place where I can spend more time panning that hunting an area the first day. Thanks in advance for your Ideas.
  8. Thought I would brave the heat for a bit dry washing in Gold Basin last Sunday. Ran about 20 or so buckets on the way back to Vegas for a little survey run. Makes it hard to stay out of the sun with treats like this.
  9. First time out drywahing in Gold Basin this past weekend. Have a lot to learn with angle, air flow and where to dig. I would like to say thanks to all of your that have put vids on line. I am sure I have watched them.
  10. Hot weekend at the Basin. First time out dry washing with my new Royal Explorer. Got some work to do and how to dry wash. Was detecting until I run across two Mojave Greens. Slid my coil and seen that a green was on top.
  11. Add me to the list. Stockton Hill Road out of Kingman
  12. Nice I will be there. Found a basin meteorite on the other side on mountain yesterday. It is more toward the front. Looks like I need to hunt more to the front and along the mountains more often.
  13. Thanks everyone for the great Ideas. I will be ready for the Vegas Show.
  14. Been nugget hunting for many years now. I would like to start working some of that black sand and gravels that I have walked over. Looking for help with a dry washer for a beginner. The gold show is coming to Vegas and looking to buy.
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