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  1. https://www.chuckscoin.com/ Hey Mike, not knowing exactly what you have is a bit difficult. This company is here in Redding, Ca. Chuck who started it is still running the store. He is a friend of mine. Chuck had to dig gold with his siblings up in the Salmon River country of California when they were young or they did not eat and get clothes. He is almost eighty now. He handles a lot of collections and estates sales, small and large. I have never heard a bad word about him. May be worth a look. Hope this helps, TRINITYAU/RAYMILLS
  2. Hello All, I did quite a bit of research on BOA a few years back. They have since covered things up a bit. BOA has not been American owned company for years. The biggest threat I found with BOA is it is partially owned by Sorrells. This guy is the biggest threat to the US. He wants us on our knees. He has said so publicly. If some of you dont know who this man is then Google him. This is where Obamas money comes from. I will not make purchases from CVS, the old Longs, as this is now an entity of Sorrels. Just my thoughts. TRINITYAU/RAYMILLS
  3. Hey Flak, That is a fantastic opportunity. When it comes down to it your family is what counts. I am with Ron, I sure would like to follow this. Ron... you are not going to wear a cheerleading skirt are you ? TRINITYAU/RAYMILLS
  4. Hello All, I got home from work tonight to find several messages and e-mails asking if everything is ok. My family and hunting friends are all ok here in Redding, Ca. The big fire is just east twenty some miles. Over fifty homes have burned. This is a bad one. It started on a saturday morning I think and went to almost 3500 acres that afternoon. By monday it was at 5800 acres, when I got off work monday night it was 9800 acres. By tuesday morning it hit 12000 acres. Tuesday night when I got home it was at 16500 acres. Wed morning it was 22000 acres. Tonight at 2300 hours it is almost 25000 acres. 64 homes and 20 out buildings have burned. I thank all of you for the interest in our safety and will pass it on to everyone. None of the guys I know and hunt with live near that area. Summer is not over yet, keep the fingers crossed. Thanks, TRINITYAU/RAYMILLS
  5. Happy Birthday Chris, I thank you for giving me the opportunity to write for ICMJ. TRINITYAU/RAYMILLS
  6. Hello Jim, Chris would you guys check out the post by elder-miner on Residual/Elluvial formations. We got talking about other stuff and I would like to see what your thoughts are. Thanks TRINITYAU/RAYMILLS
  7. Hello Elder-miner, I have all that information on the Oregon pockets but what I have here is not the same thing. There are no vein systems present and there is no quartz anywhere. Did the quartz shed off millions of years ago? If so why is there none down slope in the gullies or creeks? None at all. I was lucky enough to have found several really nice pockets on a hillside. Same circumstances with no quartz veins at all. That was a few years back and that same area now has been dug down by heavy equipment almost three hundred feet. It is a quarry and is proabably fifty acres in size. Still no quartz anywhere. On the edges of this quarry you will see iron lines that range from one inch to several inches wide. There are visible chunks of hematite. There is ironstain and there is a white and yellow clay. These lines are very distinctive when you can see them in fresh soil that has just been uncovered. You can pan them all day and not get a single color. You will not see any gold at all until a dike of diorite crosses the line.At that point you will find color but not in the way we would normally expect. You need to be using a detector as most of the pieces will be in the multi pennyweight range. No quartz on any of the gold either. You will think oh hell I am into it now. Well after that third or forth nugget it just shuts down. I have found single nugget pockets and I have found some with hundreds of nuggets before it plays out. I dont know why but you cannot find any fine gold at all. I have used a dry washer in these areas. All nuggets. There is no particular side of the diorite that the gold sheds from. I was thinking for a long time that the gold was formed in the diorite hence that is when you find it. After many years and painstakingly revealing the detected nuggets I am finding that they are in the iron lines that are close to the diorite. Sometimes they are encased with the ironstone two feet away from the diorite. I know that there are probably many nice pieces that I have missed over the years because of the ironstone and hematite. Most of the pieces I have found have travelled a few inches or feet from the iron line giving me an opportunity to hear them. And yes, I have detected the dikes of diorite with no success. I have talked to many geologists and they have told me I am nuts. I have invited a few of them to see and they just dont have an answer. Its not in the books. I have another odd formation that an old timer put me on years ago. It is a similar line but appears to be rust. You follow this rust line and at points it will bulge and swell to a pod and then go right back to a rust line. This line is just that, a line. It is almost as if someone left a trail of flour a quarter of an inch wide, except it is rusty looking. Back to the pods, nodules whatever you want to call them. Depending on the size of the pod the outer skin can be a quarter of an inch thick to sometimes one inch thick. They are shaped similar to a football. They are hollow. Inside the hollow pod is a white clayey type substance with very, very tiny crystals clinging to wall. Thats it, the rest of the pod is empty, however the white clay and crystalized wall making up the inside lining has micro gold in it. I am not getting rich off of this formation as it is just an occurrence. The line an old timer showed me is only about one hundred feet long. What really intrigued me about this formation was the fact that several old timers in the area were hunting them when I was a kid. Before any of them died that had all showed me what they were after. These pods evidently can swell out to the size of a wheelbarrow and can hold many ounces of micro gold that can be easily panned. I talked to many geologists around the nation and none of them has ever heard of this. Many years ago I called the Colorado school of mining to talk to someone about it. No one knew anything. They finally put me on the phone with an old timer thas was the ask anything guy. This guy was about eighty some years old then.He was like most old timers and said why arent you mining it if its there. After listening to me a bit he said he had heard reference to this in Northern California but never had got to see it firsthand. I think I will post this for Jim Straight or Chris Ralph to see as maybe one of them may have an answer. Thanks, TRINITYAU/RAYMILLS
  8. Hello All, I sure am glad I am where I am at. I can take my little Dodge (no four wheel drive) and go about four miles from where I live to any one of several pieces of BLM land (withdrawn from mineral entry). I can park in a paved parking lot and get out and start walking any direction and there are residual and eluvial deposits that have not been found. I love my local area, to date I have found over twenty or so very shallow surface pockets of which the gold goes from grains to ounces. Some of these pockets have given up just a few pennyweights and a few have produced over a pound in free nugget gold. If you do not know anything about surface pockets then this ground is is hard to work for most people. A very good knowledge of the local geology really helps.There are indicators all over that lead you to these deposits. To be clear I am not talking about a placer gold pocket in the bedrock. Most of my pockets occur on hillsides and carry no quartz at all. There is generally no quartz in any of the areas I work. This gold is in clay seams and iron lines and is in place pretty close to where it made. I do not mind giving this information out as over the last twenty years I have not come across anyone that will spend the time to look for these pockets. I have had a few geologists tell me I am crazy as there is nothing in the books about anything like this in the area. The funny thing is that many turkey hunters have sat right on top of these surface pockets with no knowledge of what is six to twelve inches below them in the soil. I replied to this topic because of the similarity of what elder-miner and myself are both after and the stark difference in what both of us are having to do to get results. Good luck in your venture elder-miner as there are pockets out there and they are not that rare. TRINITYAU/RAYMILLS
  9. Hey Hoser, you are right about the snakes this year. Normally I will see one or two over a summer and that is it. Every six or seven years we seem to get a banner year for rattlesnakes. This is one of those years. I have already seen probably forty or so and killed at least a dozen. The ones I killed were in areas frequented by kids or pets. The rest were just too close for comfort as I was crawling through the manzanita. The one in the picture was on a rock about waist high as I was walking up the draw, almost got me. Had plenty of buttons but did not decide to rattle till I was one lunge away. TRINITYAU/RAYMILLS
  10. SLNugget, I have my cell phone, a Droid, with me all the time while out hunting. I keep it powered off while using the GB Pro as it will cause the GB Pro to act very erratic. I have had the Pro on while sitting down and making a call at times and never encountered anything like you have. On the other hand one day when I was not really watching what I was doing I set my cell phone down in the back of the rig and came back to look for something and while moving things around my pick with magnet found my cell phone. I tried it right away and it was dead. I was still in warranty so I was lucky. VLF's do weird things though. I can remember hunting with the first Goldmaster's listening to pilots going in and out of San Francisco International and I was in Trinity county a few hundred miles to the North. A few years later that stopped and I never had that experience again. I guess they changed something. You better watch it as Aliens might prove to be interested in you and your electrical qualities. LOL TRINITYAU/RAYMILLS
  11. Hey Fred, Actually we have had a cool week so far, just around 80 to 90. Right around the fourth they are talking about 110 to 112 degrees so we will be back at normal. Good hunting then, I like the heat and my brush, and the snakes are out good also. Yeah I forgot about Garrett, The whites old 6000DI was what I started out with, fun days. TRINITYAU/RAYMILLS
  12. Hello all, I would go along with Fred on everything he said. I have commented on this subject before on several posts. I am no expert nor a doctor but if a person is looking at getting into our hobby a general hearing test is something that should get done. Lots of people think they can hear very well till they get tested and find out there are tone levels they cannot hear or the decibel rating they are at. High dollar headphones with all the neat features are great but after a hearing test you may not need but a $29.50 set. On the other hand you you may be able to use all the features the higher dollar sets provide. I am not sure but I think Minelab was one of the first detectors with tone control. This made a big difference and I know I had friends that up till that point could not detect with some of the other detectors whether they had good hearing or not. That tone feature is something to watch for in any detector. Just my opinions, TRINITYAU/RAYMILLS
  13. Hello All, I would have to agree with Sawmill, if you do read some or part of the Bill it does just that, puts money back in the local counties. I am no expert but from as much as I read it is pretty well puts things back as before. Our schools in Northern California have been suffering since logging money went away and this will start to restore some of that. For a poor county like Trinity it will put millions of dollars back to local use. I also would have to agree that these "cabins" most of which are owned by large companies and many "greenie" organizations are usually at locations prohibitive to public use. I have been following this bill and waiting for it to come out, it is the first of many that hopefully will come out to put things back in place that have been shuffled around the last ten or so years. We do have many groups and organizations that are trying to protect our rights to be sure they dont go away. My opinions, TRINITYAU/RAYMILLS
  14. Hello All, just catching up with things on the forum. For GSH, I just found your message, sorry for delay. I would have to say that Joe gave about the same response that I probably would have given. I am probably a bit more hyped about the GB Pro. Maybe it is the ground or hunting conditions of my area but I find it just as sensitive to the same gold my old GBII will detect and at times better. I have found gold that is subgrain, nine pieces to weigh a grain. I have also found nuggets that are thirty plus dwts. So the spectrum to me is there. I have to say that almost all of the gold found with the GB Pro has been relatively shallow at zero to ten inches. This is prime depth for the Pro I think. I have found a few nuggets at up to fourteen inches so you do get depth also. For the fellow that does not want to find tiny gold just big nuggets...I was hunting an area with my old GBII (VLF) many years ago and was hitting crumbs on the hillside in pocket country. I had like eight or nine pieces maybe a grain or two apiece. I had just dug a grainer and had to open the hole up because of country rock in the way to get it out. Went back over it again and heard a very weak signal. Opened the hole up again finding a few more grainers. By now the hole is about twenty by twenty inches square. The first piece in this hole was at about three inches. When I dug the other pieces the hole had widened and gone to almost eight to ten inches deep. After opening the hole up again and being almost sixteen inches deep I heard a very low growl in the bottom of the hole. I would not have heard that low growl with the GBII at sixteen inches and did not. After digging down another twelve inches out pops a long and slim piece of gold wrapped in white clay. When I got it home to weigh the nugget it came in at 19.8 dwts. I probably would have heard it with a Minlab PI except that this was years before they even came out. For the argument that Minelabs are here and been here for awhile and the nugget above would be heard by a PI, I have no argument. However, I learned alot that day, had alot fun. I also learned that you need to keep your ears sharp and a using a VLF every now and then will help you do that. Run a VLF for a few days and then go back to the PI and see if you do not notice a distinct ability to hear different sounds. These are just my opinions, TRINITYAU/RAYMILLS
  15. Hey All, Here is a book that is pretty informative about pockets and formations of pockets. It is about SW Oregon however I have found a lot of the info applies to the geology I have here in Redding, Ca. Most of my detecting is hillside placers that are being made by hillside pockets of which there are many in place, at least till I come along. Much of the same information would apply to many areas of the Sierra espcecially the lower areas near the valley floor in similar terrain to Redding. I am only at 500 feet in elevation. These pockets occur randomly but also with some steady patterns that I have found over the years. I can tell you that as far as I am concerned there is not enough information on pockets and pocket hunting .Most times when a pocket is mentioned most people are talking about a placer pocket, a crevice. I am talking about a vein structure that has surfaced and released gold at the surface or within two feet of the surface. I have gained much of my knowledge from many old timers of which many have passed over the years. The one bit that I will pass on is that wherever you are you need to really learn the geology for that particular area. I mean that you need to get your nose in the dirt and look at things. Many people are walking right on a surface pocket that is throwing fine gold and never know it. We all get caught up in wanting to find the big one while missing what is right in front of us. I am lucky that the area I live at throws fine and coarse pockets. I have drywashed hillsides and the material washed was only the top four or so inches. This material was floating down the hillside but there was enough to pay well. This gold could not be seen most times with the naked eye until you had some accumulation but it was there and one ounce of fine gold still pays. The other type of pocket gold I get in this area is coarse nuggets. These coarse pockets are easier to locate due to detectors but the working areas are larger sometimes, but not always. Pockets will tend to run in lines, at a certain pitch and will also tend to dip in certain areas over and over along with throwing gold out at certains areas. There are patterns but it takes a lot to learn them and as mentioned earlier each area is different. So you have learn that local geology and keep your eyes open. TRINITYAU/RAYMILLS
  16. Hey All, For many years I used a little red Suzuki Sidekick. I took the passenger seat out and rigged it up with a ripped piece of plywood with a nice piece of foam for the sleeping bag. I had the highest ply tires I could get and carried two ready tires. The Sidekick was just a four banger but it was 4 wheel drive. I had extra gas cans and water cans mounted inside and by the time I had clothes, food, and equipment loaded I was full. I would hunt Northern Nevada for weeks at a time. I had many people ride with me and tell me that I went where most ATV's would not. Got alot of gold those years, those were the days. TRINITYAU/RAYMILLS
  17. Rex, we are praying in Redding , California for your Dad and your family. TRINITYAU/RAYMILLS
  18. Hey Ron, Thanks a lot, now I have to drive back up to Trinity and dig up those couple of half ouncers I had planted for you. Took me all day to salt that area. LOL. We will get together sometime, good luck and catch lots of fish and dont take your detector with you, just your wife. TRINITYAU/RAYMILLS
  19. Hey All, What Allen said is pretty well correct. There was no difference other than the coils between the several versions of the Gold Bug when it came out. They were all version 3, When you sent your unit in it was upgraded to a version 4 which is exactly what the Gold Bug Pro is. You should be able to tell a slight difference on the Ground Balance and also on the Audio. I dont know how often you use your machine so you may not notice the change but it is there. TRINITYAU/RAYMILLS
  20. Hey Joe, check your messages. TRINITYAU/RAYMILLS
  21. Hey John, Todd and his girl headed out to the coast this weekend ,otherwise he probably would have been with me. That area is a tough area to get into. Area has been claimed for years. I was below the claimed area and the river. Really steep ground in that area. I think there is probably more gold to be got. That inside bend in the picture must have been pretty good as there are piles and piles of purple hematite that were thrown out of the creek up on the banks. I hit a a nice little seam in this creek a long time back and took out over two ounces in about 10 minutes, seam was maybe 30 inches long, 3 inches deep and about 2-3 inches wide. It was in the dead zone where no one has dredged and too shallow for most snipers. You go google eyed trying to see in water that is only 3 inches deep. TRINITYAU/RAYMILLS
  22. Hey John, Here is an area that should look familiar. Old dredge and motor/sluice box thrown up on the bank. Very large quartz seam running across the creek just above this inside turn. That is where I got the gold with the GBPro, right where the creek gets to be about six foot wide with steep walls. TRINITYAU/RAYMILLS
  23. Christopher, I live in Redding, Ca. I do not belong to many clubs as I have been detecting for almost 30 years and tent to travel alone. We have one very good club that I would suggest. Nor-Cal Prospectors. The next meeting is August 4th at 1900 hours. The meeting will be held in the Moose Lodge that is located on Lake Blvd just north of the AM/PM Gas Mart. This is a family oriented club and there are lots of other kids in the club. A few of the members have some pretty nice areas under claim and make them available to club members. There is no cost/fee to join. Hope this helps, TRINITYAU/RAYMILLS
  24. Hey Fishinbobo, If you have decided to go with the Gold Bug Pro just make sure you get it from a reputable dealer. It will say Gold Bug Pro on the unit. If it does not you do not have a Pro. I have used one from the git go and it is a fantastic unit. You can read many of my posts either on Robs forum or AZO. They will be posted under TRINITYAU/RAYMILLS. I used three GBPros against each other and against GB/SE or GB/DP and their is a performance difference. I dont care what anyone says, something was done differently to the GBPro. There is a well defined difference between the units and the Pro will stand above the earlier "pro" models. The sensitivity is not quite the same and the audio is off just a hair. I spent several days playing them against the others and as I say their is a difference. The GBPro is a fantastic unit and I would put it up against any VLF on the market right now. I used a Gold Bug II many years and in my opinion the Pro is a far better unit and can be used with hardly any learning curve. Good Luck, TRINITYAU/RAYMILLS
  25. Hey Bigrex, I used a Eureka Gold for many years in the Redding, Ca area and it served me well. I never used any of the other frequencies that the Eureka offers, only the 60 on sensitive with adjustments for gain. With this setting I was finding sub grainers at an inch or so, and pieces close to an ounce any where in depth from six inches to 16 inches. The Eureka is a very good unit, but just like most units you have to spend time with it. I never used another coil other than the stock eliptical. I used the Eureka exclusively for almost ten years and literally pulled pounds with it. As far as results with other VLF's: Whites 6000 DI Pro, the old timers will remember this unit, was good on a half ouncer an inch or two down. Whites Goldmaster series, this was one hell of a unit right up to the VSat. I had just about the same results as the Eureka Gold. The units that came out after that just did not impress me, I think the DFG, something like that, had a meter window sticking up in the middle of nowhere. That works really well in the manzanita and other brush. I guess it would be ok in the open. I used a Fisher 660 Mother Lode and I guess they must have been experimenting with it while developing the original Gold Bug. When Gold Bug II came out it quickly became the best vlf around. I did very well with the Bug but I was more content to use my Eureka Gold. When the Minelab 3000 came I got one and did very well in all my old areas digging deeper targets than I ever had before. I still tell my friends though that probably 90% of the gold I have found with the 3000 I could have found with my Eureka Gold. Now, back to the present, I still use my Ishmael modified 3000, but I now clean up with the new Gold Bug Pro. I have talked about the Gold Bug Pro's performance and my satisfaction with it on the other forums. A lot of people are looking at the new Gold Bug Pro as a toy, just a cheaper unit of the Gold Bug series. It is not a toy, and will surpass the Gold Bug II in many ways. It just has so many features, like I said, you can read some of my comments on the other forums. These are my just my opinions, TRINITYAU/RAYMILLS
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