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  2. Tom, I just noticed your PM this morning. I am very sorry for not seeing it earlier. "The Elusive Pocket Gold of Southwestern Oregon" written by Tom Bohmker. Thanks all, TRINITYAU/RAYMILLS
  3. That sure is some nice looking gold. I love when it is that close to the source. Good job guys. TRINITYAU/RAYMILLS
  4. Hello guys, Kellyco has the coil. It is not listed as a coil for the GB Pro. It is listed as a coil for the F75 and it will fit. I tried one quite a while back and it made the GB Pro too unbalanced for me to carry around. I really did not see any difference in performance when compared to the ten inch coil. If you have your ears turned on you will hear the same signals with the ten inch eliptical coil. I use my bug in very shallow ground. If the ground gets too deep I bring the 3000/Sadie out and will hear most targets. You need a combination of machines to effectively cover all ground. No one unit is going to get it all. No one coil is going to get it all. My feelings are that the Gold Bug Pro/ten inch coil combo is great. Spend some time with it and I think most will agree. While we are talking about the GB Pro, my name came up as someone who modifies or knows about modification of the GB Pro. I do not and I see no reason for it. Mine works fantastic as it is. One tip for the ten inch coil, learn to use the main coil for more depth and the tip for extreme sensitivity. Tom, I just noticed your PM this morning. I am very sorry for not seeing it earlier. "The Elusive Pocket Gold of Southwestern Oregon" written by Tom Bohmker. Thanks all, TRINITYAU/RAYMILLS
  5. Hello all, there were some issues on the AZO Forum and after changing over to Google Chrome things worked ok for me. Upgrading also worked for a few other people. I don't know if this will help, maybe. TRINITYAU/RAYMILLS
  6. Hey Adam, that is a great picture. Nice gold also. TRINITYAU/RAYMILLS
  7. Hello all, like Grubby these have all been on before somewhere down the line. More where these come from... Thanks, TRINITYAU/RAYMILLS
  8. Hello all, I was surfing the forums when I saw this post. $300.00 seems a bit high, but for the performance maybe not. You hit a main nerve when mentioning the Whites V-Sat Goldmaster. I loved my old Goldmaster and really wish I had not sold it. I would have loved to have just kept it around for the memories. Myself and a few friends did very well with that series in Trinity County, Ca. Thinking back at some of the gold, crumbs and nuggets, I would be hardpressed to find a VLF that would do just as good these days. The only thing that may have surpassed this unit nowadays would be the better depth performance of the newer units. I found crumbs at the Red Hill Patch that were just as tiny as anything I have found with my GBII, or my GB Pro. The fun thing about those old machines is that they were entertaining also. If a plane was flying overhead nearby you could point the unit at it and sometimes listen to the pilots conversations. Thanks for the memories, TRINITYAU/RAYMILLS
  9. Our prayers are with you for a speedy recovery Ron, Ray and Deb.
  10. SHEP, when you up here in Redding, how many years ago ? I told you about KOSS then. It was only 4 bucks a set back at that time. TRINITYAU/RAYMILLS still laughing...
  11. Hey Terry, I just got back from prospecting and saw the post from this morning. I have no problem with you using the photos, however, as I said in my post Fisher Labs has copyright for ads and articles. That may pose a problem. TRINITYAU/RAYMILLS
  12. Hello Guys, I'm famous, my pictures are all over the net also. I am pretty sure those nuggets were found in Northern California, I dont think I went to Arizona to find them... I am getting old however... I do remember giving copyright to Fisher Labs though, as they were found with the GB Pro. Thanks, TRINITYAU/RAYMILLS
  13. Hello All, I would have to say humming and singing while beeping. I think Shep and Grubby and probably a few others can attest to that. I have a few friends say I sound like a radio station, they dont know what their going to hear next. LOL TRINITYAU/RAYMILLS
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