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  1. Sawmill- With very light pressure I'm able to scratch off little slivers of the material with my fingernail. So that would rule out the pyrite right? I know you said mica can bend but would you be able to scratch at it and with a pen, poke it to where it makes a dent on the other side?
  2. Sawmill- You're right I did some reading on pegamite and I'm pretty sure that's what I have here. I will post more pictures here in a bit that are more clear. I was reading that they are possible hosts for other rare earths. I found some little red and yellow possible gemstones I think? I'm new to all this sorry for the rookie questions! When I post the pictures could help me identify what I have. Thanks!
  3. Some of the rocks have iron stains. The little pockets of metalic matter all had a slight black iron oxide but when hit with some heat it came right off.
  4. Here's some small thin flakes and dust with black sands. The 2nd photo is right after I added water and the 3rd photo is all of it collected one second after swirling the water. Isn't mica much less dense and wouldn't act In such way?
  5. Frank c- when I stick my metal pick into a piece it goes directly into the matter. On the really thin flakes when I stick the pick into it an indentation is made and on the other side a nipple forms. Boulder dash- what makes you say that?
  6. Hello everyone! Could you guy's spare some experince and knowledge and tell me if in fact this is sugarloaf quartz and gold? I've done all of the home tests. It goes off under a metal detector, not magnetic , leaves a gold streak, sinks fast when put in water and is really soft. The boulders fit the description of sugarloaf quartz when smashed. Some of them have a rusty iron stain colour. Looking forward to your responses 1
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