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  1. just came from geotech, Reg passed away Carl posted. i am planning on building the mpp beach, the newest version, can sample down to about 5us, but need to build a coil first as i have a surf pro built. Hence why i found this post, a guy i know has a new version of the mpp called the GoldMax, really good on small gold, no GB though, but there are 3 methods of GB in the geotech forum now. Ill have to look through all your pages, just going to do a mono coil with 30 awg magnet wire. 7 inch
  2. That is what I finally figured out.Thanks.
  3. Thank you.I will reread. I thought he ment the bolt,and or attachment on the lower rod. I under stand about the free play,but I though it ment to put or attach some thing else to add more protection.
  4. Just recieved my book by Jim,follow the drywashers. I am skipping through it right now about using a MD in the gold fields. Anyway,On page 102,he starts with the word isolaters. Would someone explain or show me a pic of a (Long nonconductive isolater on your coil.) I have a whites V/sat I just bought.I was wondering if it is neccasary anymore. Jim says in the book it will or does appear to prevent unexplained (drift).False signaling. It does not explain(yet that I have found) or a pic of one.
  5. First of all,hope your doing great Jim,and I have your book on Prospecting.Best of luck with your recovery. Thank you Dan,and thank you Bill. I was talking to Joe Z who lives just down the road from Bill,so I will buy from Bill when I need something. I just have my internet back up after a lightning strike shut off the repeater on a pole.
  6. Thanks for the welcome Joe. The one at Amazon says 7th edition. It has him in a pic holding a metal detector. The one I can purchase has the same title,volume 3, but it has a pic of him kneeling down looking at a pan,with a metal detector(looks like my v/sat I just bought),and it says 6th edition. So,I just wanted to make sure that the books are the same books,and contain the same info. Or,has newer version come out. Also,the person selling theres,for some reason,said the book he is selling,says Mining. I will have to ask him where he is getting the word Mining from. Found 2 mistakes I have be
  7. Thank you. I just purchased the Goldmaster V/Sat by Whites.Used. It is the one from 95 to 98. For instance,on Amazon there is a listing for Follow the Drywashers, Volume 3. The Nugget Shooters Bible. A person has one for sale that says Follow the Drywashers. Volume 3. The Nugget Shooters Bible. But he says it says MIning some where in the book,or on the inside cover. PLus,it has a different picture of him on the cover. What I want to know is,are his Follow the Drywasher books,the same,even though the picture on the front cover might be different. Hope Jim is doing fine. Tell him hello,and than
  8. Hello Jim. I have a quick question when you have a chance if you could answer. I bought your book:Advanced Prospecting & Detecting for Hardrock Gold. I am wanting to purchase your book,Follow the Drywashers. Which revision, or number do you recommend i buy for using my whites Goldmaster I just purchased. I am no newbie as I have a few other detectors.Just want the tech stuff. Of course if any other members have an opinion,chime in please. I can buy one now but it is volume or edition #6, and the person says it says Mining. Thanks for anyones help.And of course to you Jim.
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