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  1. just came from geotech, Reg passed away Carl posted. i am planning on building the mpp beach, the newest version, can sample down to about 5us, but need to build a coil first as i have a surf pro built. Hence why i found this post, a guy i know has a new version of the mpp called the GoldMax, really good on small gold, no GB though, but there are 3 methods of GB in the geotech forum now. Ill have to look through all your pages, just going to do a mono coil with 30 awg magnet wire. 7 inch
  2. Yes it has, tremendously.Everyone says or calls the sound a Zip zip. I have the Complete Unabridged zip zip book. But my V/sat,only does a very distinct zip zip on small gold,say less than a gram. Anything bigger,or a piece of lead, or a silver coin,or a copper coin, ect, it gives a uuuuugh, uuuuuuugh, or kinda a grunt. Sort of like it is saying NNNaaaaaahhhh, nnnaaaaahh. Another member I was hunting with said it sounded like a quaking duck. I have been trying to find a youtube video about the vsat and how it sounds, but have had no luck. I will do a video and post it here and on tnet and see what you professionals think. It is new,hardlt used and came shipped in the original box from the guy i purchased it from. I have the DD coil on it right now,but the stock one sounds the same.
  3. Thanks Jim. Your word is respected and I will too. I have a couple of your books also. I will tell the guy I will Take it. It is also new in the box.
  4. Thats great. Just noticed you are in Morristown.
  5. I have a person that has new one of these and wants $80 for it. It should go deep,but how well it handle Az soil. And, is it really worth it. How deep will it go anyway since my md runs at 50khz. Also the extra weight,is it worth it.
  6. 32 X 1.5 equals 48 volts. 32 X .5 equals 18 volts Not sure how he got 6 volts. Of course the opening of the video says Gag Films presents.
  7. Checked all over Keenes site and no pdf guides or videos. Checked youtube, no videos. Keene usually provides videos or guides to there stuff that works.
  8. I will go look at my book right now for ya. But in my book the author says to buy a piece or 2 of velcro, about 1-2 inches square. Then put a small nugget, on one piece, then put the other piece on top, and hook them together. Any color such as white, orange, yellow, or easy to see will be fine. Also,if you do it this way, you wont ruin your nugget with glue or junk on it. Or put it in a plastic pill bottle. If your V/Sat control is in the bak,I am calling it the back,because to me the meter is the front. What we look at with all the knobs. You have 95 model, like mine. Make sure you have the right manual.The person that I bought mine from downloaded the 98 manual by mistake from Whites website. Ok, 2 things to try. Lower your gain is first, we have discussed this. Turn your gain down. If your gain is 2 or below, and still a problem, turn up the sat speed 1 number, or position. Then re ground balance. Keep trying this until you can hunt. Next, most people tend to ground balance from 4-6 inches above ground, then go down to about 2-3 inches and stop. Try and go down to the ground where you are actually about to touch the coil to to the ground. when ground balanceing. This should not hear as much of the salts, and get down to the iron levels. Use a lead weight(1/8th fishing), or a .3-.5 gram of gold. As a test piece. I have a 3 grain, or .125. I need a little bigger one myself. Actually .3 is good. Will buy from Ebay. Or a great guy that sells to us at these forums.
  9. I will look at my Zip Zip manual, the one that has both books in one, the unabridged version and see what it says for hot ground. But as suggested, turn to the xsalt on the back where the v/sat control is, this is for salt beaches, ect. Also, lower the sensitivity.The 1995 model you have to reground balance every time you move the gain knob(sens knob). The 1998 version you dont. Which one is yours.Mine is the 95. They changed 2 things in 98. In 98 they moved the v/sat knob to the front, and the threshold to the back. Next, take a small nugget with you. Bury it in the dirt about 1 inch deep. Then keep playing with your gain,v/sat, threshold, and ground balance knob until you can hear that nugget the best. Not the loudest, but the best and most clear. Now you are set to search for the nuggets where you are at. This is one way that is explained in my books.
  10. Thanks. I was out nugget shooting and I forgot I had a pinpoint function.Duuuh. Found lots of small lead,brass shavings from jacketed bullets, and shaved lead. Nothing of value but experience.I can sure find lead now.
  11. My wife and our 2 sons bought me a .357 magnum, 4 inch blued barrel, rear adjustable sites, new holster to protect me while I am out prospecting. I have always wanted one since I shot my dads when I was 8 years old. He is retired air Force now.
  12. Quick question. What book of Jim Mculloh are you talking about? I bought Advanced Nugget Shooting already. And, which coil would be better in Az and Ca soil. The stock one, or a DD. I just bought a DD Goldmaster. I am still reading The Unabridged Zip Zip I just bought. Does the loudest signal appear at the front or heel of a DD, or in the middle like the stock coil. I just bought a mint v/sat in the box.
  13. That is what I finally figured out.Thanks.
  14. Thank you.I will reread. I thought he ment the bolt,and or attachment on the lower rod. I under stand about the free play,but I though it ment to put or attach some thing else to add more protection.
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