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  1. I found those last year Adam....... I found a new "secret" location nobody seems to have been to in years. Lots of clear ones about the size of a quarter.... I was even looking over my finds from last year, and wouldn't you know.... I have one with an amethyst hue in one if the edges!!!! It's been sitting in my rock bed all this time and I just noticed it!!!! It's one of my larger ones too, about 3X2 inches..:-)) took my momma for the first time too... She loved it, and found a larger perfectly clear one with a point on one end. The area by the road is in bad shape, people camping there and
  2. I have been up a couple times over the winter and that area is just decimated!!!!! People diggin right up next to the trees, holes all over..... It's just awful!!! I go about a mile up into the woods to avoid all the mess and chaos..... It's going to get shut down again if people don't start paying attention.
  3. Id love to collect in Australia too!!! Planning on visiting New Zealand in a couple years..... Maybe I'll find some cool stuff there...... So jealous... Australia has soo many beautiful gems and minerals.
  4. We have the same type of rock in our yard.... Not sure what it is, but someone on here is likely to know.
  5. The pieces I have are not jewelry worthy, they are broken pieces/ shards that are just yard rocks.... Very pretty yard rocks, but I wanted to know if it would break them apart in the tumbling process. And yes... They are all quartz pieces/crystals from Diamond Point AZ
  6. I have a ton of chipped and broken Diamond Point crystals.... What would they turn out looking like if I tumbled them??
  7. I have it soaking in a bucket of full strength white vinegar to see if it will take off anything....
  8. This was found next to the monarch mine...... Not the mine itself, but another prospect while going down the hill from it. Bummer it might not all come off!!!! It's a really pretty green blue!
  9. I finally found this big chunk with the octahedral crystals on it this weekend when out with the mineral club..... I know it's a green blue because when I was digging it I accidentally hit it with the digger..... It has a crust that is white and rusty and thick..... How do I remove this??? Without damaging it too much.? I have something called oxy rocks liquid, oxalic acid....super iron out, and muratic acid.
  10. Have not been there since last fall, and now my back and neck remember why...:-((
  11. My husband owned scrapyards and we used to find stuff like this all the time ... Looked almost identical to this..... He said it was slag. It's very pretty.... Some slag is really sparkly and colorful... I am no expert, this just looks like what we found all the time.
  12. No clue is they are fire or not.... When wet some of them have a metallic looking sheen inside the bubbles. If it is..... How do I get it out now? Any clue on the little light blue stone?
  13. Whatever it is, it's more interesting under the light than it is without it. Didn't know Ajax had calcite... But then again, I didn't look...:-)) last time I was up there we were looking for amethyst, but had better luck at the woodpecker mine down the road..... The place is full of it..... And I did notice the shaft had collapsed in more since we had been there a year ago...... I tried to get my husbands buddy to get me some of the bigger crystals off the wall there, but it was in such a precarious place we decided to just leave them be and take a picture..... Sometimes the rock isn't worth
  14. This was a short wave Adam...... The little crystals are not seen very well in the photo. But it was blood red and green under short wave UV.
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