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  1. Thankyou all for the birthday wishes! I'm still around though life got in the way of this years prospecting and beeping.My dad had a stroke just before x-mas so been busy helping with his needs.He's doing better now,I still need to move some tools and a trailer he wants me to have.I was hoping to go to alaska for the summer But thats on hold for now too.Maybe fall I can get out.Good luck out there you all and thanks again for BD wishes>>>>>Kelly
  2. Ron almost all indicators for gold can be used for silver.While tracking a vein in the bradshaws near crownking in the early 80's i had 9 different veins assayed all showed silver from 1 to 7 oz per ton one was 40 opt and one 200 opt they all showed lots of gelena and cholcopyrite.Here's some silver from some ore,the yellow ones are not cleaned at all so the ore oxidized them that color.the grey ones have been cleaned some in limeaway these are from cochise county
  3. A Australian dealer says $10,700.00 aud thats $8,300 +usd they usually are cheaper in us than oz so I'm thinking $7,700 us or will they go $8,700 time will tell
  4. You only save about 2oz with carbon fiber upper but you can get two piece for easier travel weighs a little more.They come in longer lengths so like me with metal knees you can keep large coils farther away
  5. Ya Fred but sometimes it hard for a long winded guy like me LOL!
  6. I could write a book! anyone spending time out will take a fall or two and as most of us get older it will take longer to recover .I mean you try to be safe and take it easy,but still it can get you.Was detecting and got hot,I became dizzy so i turned around to catch my breath.I was at the top edge of the railroad berm it was very high in this area,lost my balance and thought i could take one step down to catch myself>>>Wrong down the hill i went.Got going fast real quick,doing good till i hit bottom which hyper exstended my knees still thought i could run it out.Stepped on a rock twisted a ankle and that sent me to the ground.I slid into some mesquite trees,all the time trying to save the detector.Ended up breaking the handle off.Came out better than it could of both me and my detector.Three years ago and still nursing the ankle It been a year since i fell and broke my wrist still healing so be careful everyone out there and good luck >>>>SWING ON KELLY
  7. BD in the LSD info thread it says 5:00pm sat.
  8. Here's me and moe with some gold from that area!
  9. Steve moe is still kickin over in calif.need to call him its been a year since i talked to him.I'll call ya soon and talk >>>Kelly
  10. Steve welcome to the forum! It's been a long time since we mined together in nome out at crippleriver.Good to see you and spence on gold fever.I'll always remember going to show spence the bears and getting more than we bargained for LOL! I went to australia the last to summers but would love to go to AK one more time.well good to hear your doing it right>>>>Kelly
  11. Sounds like your having fun Bill small gold is still better than none way to go!
  12. Patrick sorry you didn't score some gold but least you got out,fresh air good friends thats the gold anyway.Good luck later now that your older and wiser>>>>>>Kelly
  13. Picked up some small samples over in Australia on my recent trip.
  14. I was wondering about the $30000. price also.When I held it about a year ago mark candy the querater said it was 7 onces and from OZ.He had it in his office and brought it out for some of us to drool over also some meterorites from argentina.His office is or was a bit cluderd maybe it's just misplaced.they have cameras all over in the display area.Hope they do get it back some how. Swing ON>>>>Kelly
  15. Welsh Swagman Nugget 279.55ounces can't wait till july when I'll be over to try and find one
  16. The gold near rye AZ. is real fine I don't know of any ever being detected there. I detetected up ox bow years ago only found lead shot.Did some digging and crevesing not a color.Don't think its a good area>>>Kelly
  17. Well I got the portfolio on my trip the meteor crater is on plan C so it might not happen,to far of a route for or 6 week tour.The crater is in central WA,called Veevers it was discovered in 1975,there has been about 1 kilo of fragments recovered of IIAB type,only the second know impact place these types are found the other is in Russia.E.M.and C.S. Shoemaker in 1990 found frags there in 1990 to confirm it was a impact crater.It's 70m across,they think the meteorite was 100-1000 tonnes.
  18. Chris not the one on top ,page two of gold nugget shooters then scroll down about 5 topics anyway to spring nugget shooters outings then down nine post or so I looked at it three times its there LOL Kelly
  19. Chris C go to page 2 of Gold nugget shooting forum under spring outings there is maps posted by bill how to get to J A Flats out of morristown,Gpaa has several claims at LSD>>>SWING ON KELLY
  20. There are alot of cool nice finds thanks all for posting get to see what is possible with a little luck and getting out swingin'
  21. If its near franconia northeast of hwy 40 they are targets for the old range that is there,50 cal projectiles everywhere>.
  22. Tom it could happen,I had planned that at the last outing put a wrench was tossed in my plans.Will try again in march.Will have some small ones for sell and some nise copper speci's too.
  23. Like most who have detected for ever it seems it's so hard to choose.My #1 silver speci maybe? 20 oz. but that isn't my #1 silver this 9lb troy is
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