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  1. Man I had to remove the magnet and bring the tractor with the bucket and forks to my residence to remove some fallen trees. As soon as I get the tractor back to the property I'll do some searching. Too much work, too little time.
  2. Well the battery is new, but then as batteries go, I'll try another.
  3. My ML Pro Point is acting up, or maybe I'm doing something wrong. I can turn it on, it beeps twice, and acts normal when I use it. Then after a few seconds it starts to get overly sensitive. It beeps no matter where I point it at the ground. At that point it's worthless as I'm getting all the false readings. What am I doing wrong?
  4. Good to know. Bone dry is an all too common occurrence here lately. We are closing in on the drought conditions of '57.
  5. I'm not sure how durable It is. For lack of a better term I called it a shovel. It's a trowel I guess, since it's only about 3" wide.
  6. Just wondering if anyone has compared detector performance in damp and dry soil. Let's say I have a place to hunt but a recent rain has it wet. Would waiting a day or two until it dries out help or not? It seems that ground mineralization would be more pronounced in wet soil but then maybe not. Also, could it affect detection depth? No doubt that digging is easier in damp soil. My knees are complaining a lot these days about all the years of abuse I gave them. So if I don't have to drop to the ground on them, so much better. I just got this extendable shovel (Ground Works) for shallow targets.
  7. My next guess would be volcanic rock or slag. Either could contain just enough iron to rust but not enough to feel with a magnet. How does your metal detector react? I might send your pics to my sis (geologist). She's a petroleum geologist but knows her minerals well.
  8. Pour a little Muriatic acid on it. Limestone will foam like a shook up coke. We have acres and acres of eroded limestone here. Much of it looks just like that.
  9. What detectors are they using? Kinda silly, but then I'm old and don't throw myself on the ground much anymore, unless of course I trip over my own feet.
  10. Good point. All good advice from everyone. I don't have much of a collection yet so I need to get busy.
  11. Thanks for the advice. I wondered about the vibratory because in my use the heavy stuff settles to the bottom whereas lighter shells roll with the media. Actually heavy casings will stand up with the base down and just dance around in a circle. I'll try both. My concern was damage but I wouldn't tumble a valuable coin anyway.
  12. Newbie here with a novice question. What coins can be tumbled? I'm an avid reloader and of course have case tumblers. My preferred is an RCBS sidewinder which is an actual tumbler. Others are vibratory type. I generally use corn cob media with a dry polish but also have walnut shell media. I'd like to clean some of the blackened silver coins I have. Also, some of the buffalo nickels and wheat's if it won't hurt them.
  13. I'm still window shopping but seriously looking at the CTS 3030. Should wireless headphones be on my "highly desired" list of features? Never used them before so I have to ask. I had a long enough coil cord on my other detectors that it didn't seem to be a real hindrance. And, if the wireless burns through batteries quickly then I might just pass them by. I also like the water resistance of this detector but then it was never a problem with my old Whites and Garrett. I would like to attain a little depth in some special places but not so deep that I'd need a 2 box. Any comments are much apprec
  14. Here's the 72" sweeper magnet mounted on the 3-point hitch. It was wet this weekend so I didn't get to try it out. It will suck up a wrench from about 6". Also, when I was loading it into the truck bed, it pulled up the tail gate and locked tight. So my hopes are high. I added the wheels set at 1 1/2" to prevent the magnet from hitting the ground and scraping off the material.
  15. Oh well, regardless of the effectiveness on meteorites I still need to scour the ground for screws, nails and the like. I'll shoot a pic of this monster on the tractor and post it. Also, I use a chain harrow to smooth and loosen the top soil so that the scrap metal is not stuck in the ground. I'll check it often for anything important.
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