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  1. 18 minutes ago, GotAU? said:

    It may or may not be a steinkern though, difficult to tell by the photos and we have no idea what type of deposit it came from. Would be probable if it was a marine sedimentary deposit.

    Honestly, I’m thinking crinoid stem pieces. I’ve zoomed in on the holes.


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  2. Looking at those holes makes me think you may have a mold fossil. That happens when an organism dies and is buried. The organism decomposes and leaves behind a hole in the shape of its body. 

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  3. 2 hours ago, Eureka said:

    Beautiful photos, very detailed, i can see in  the center there is three diamonds.  from there it has grown out wards blending with the amber diamonds, forming the cracks as it grew, imagine the chemical reaction that occurs as it grows, if you have ever smelted gold and watched it very close the cracks are very similar to  the pattern you have on your stone.  it also has traces of rare earth minerals so it may have platinum or silver along the color edge. ( an oil slick_ is what i refer it too.. or carbon maybe . makes it shinny. but if it sat in water it would make a iridescent layer on the water. 

    That would give you an idea of how it was formed in nature. 

    I agree that  coal would contain this as well as its red to black. 

    if you look very close you will see every individual cell that formed... :)  well that is what i can see. 

     I dont know what they name it though. insert your name and then add ite after it...:) 




    just no.

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  4. It might be a broken septarian nodule.

    It’s possible a septarian formed and was eroded out of where it formed, then ended up in a stream bed or other placer deposit where it became part of a conglomerate. At some point It would have eroded out again and broke, exposing the softer calcite lining the center, which would have then eroded quickly. The bits on the inside would be the only remnants of what was once the interior.

    I think it’s long shot, but it’s possible. I think it’s pretty likely that it was once a concretion of some type, but not necessarily a septarian.

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  5. Next weekend I’ll be participating in the Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride. It is a men’s health fundraiser, raising funds mainly for testicular cancer and mental health research.

    I know it’s been a tough year+ for all of us, and many of you are not in a position to donate. I’m okay with that sand I get it. If, however, you are wiling and able to sponsor me, you can do so here.


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