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  1. Yeah, that was a close call, but it was only 13 feet wide. Wouldn’t have been a planet killer, but would have caused some local devastation wherever it landed.
  2. Really tough to tell just from pictures, but I’d guess it’s a stromatolite.
  3. Looks like a piece of quartzite to me.
  4. While magnetite can be magnetized, it isn’t always so. Pretty sure you’ve got magnetite there.
  5. As the one making the claim, YOU have the burden of proof.
  6. I’m always amazed when someone asks the opinion of experts, all the experts agree, and then the person who asked for their opinion tells them they are all wrong.
  7. I think the color you’re seeing is the lacquer itself. The thicker the lacquer the darker the color.
  8. Agree with morlock, not a meteorite. It does appear to contain many small sea fossils, though I can’t identify he species. The stone also appears to have been coated in varnish or lacquer.
  9. The 24 hour bit is just what I’ve been told by police responding to my own complaints. It’s not the letter of the law, but is quite possibly part of the common law as set by precedent. And yes, Mike’s finds are fantastic, and I’m sure were not acquired through trespassing.
  10. From 602(o)(2) “The owner, the owner’s agent, or the person in lawful possession shall make a separate request to the peace officer on each occasion when the peace officer’s assistance in dealing with a trespass is requested.“ There are provisions for extending it up to 30 days, but they’ve got to do with specific hazards such as high fire danger. Also, a trespass letter can be issued as someone pointed out above. Without a trespass letter or specific extenuating circumstances, they can’t just be arrested, they can only be removed.
  11. Funny thing about California and trespassing, if you’ve been warned that you’re on private property and asked to leave, that warning expires after 24 hours and the whole process starts over. You can claim ignorance even though you were just kicked out yesterday.
  12. I recently learned there is orange kyanite coming out of Tanzania.
  13. I think what’s going on with this piece is there’s the blue kyanite, but there’s some other red/orange mineral in the mix.
  14. Looks like a sedimentary rock to me. The first picture looks an awful lot like quartzite, which has an sg of 2.6 to 2.8. I know you measured 2.9, but your measurement may have been off a bit.
  15. No idea what that rock might be. Trying to ID from photos alone is extremely difficult. If you could tell us the hardness, streak color, and specific gravity, it would help us ID this stone. Better pictures would help too.
  16. How were the roads to opal mountain? I’ve never been and had heard the roads were in really bad shape.
  17. Everything I’ve ever read about the place says that the only precious opal found there was found 200 ft below the surface. Any mine entrances have been destroyed by BLM.
  18. Yeah, I was thinking the exact same thing.
  19. Yeah i just get a white screen. And s Morlock said, Sonoraite has been around for some time. This supposed be mineral is called Sonoranite.
  20. Looks like an ordinary earth rock covered in a thin layer of moss or algae.
  21. This is probably the best possible advice. The layer of hematite that creates the fire is usually exceedingly thin and can quickly be destroyed.
  22. Using some iron out might do it, but if it were my stone I wouldn’t even try. in your other thread, several people mentioned you might have some fire agate. this piece looks like it’s got some fire, particularly in the top right corner. some very careful sanding and polish will bring it out if it’s there.
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