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  1. Well, looks like the old lady changed her mind. I'll be heading back out there Saturday morning.
  2. Yeah, even though I didn't find what I was expecting, I still had a great time. Always happy when I learn something and when I get to play in the dirt.
  3. I'll definitely post a pic if I've got a nice haul.
  4. The gold and the 'rite are great, but that tin with the gold claim, that's history! Sounds like a great day.
  5. Drove out toward Blythe this weekend, looking for the famous Hauser Geode Beds. It was my first attempt at going there. Everything I've read about the place makes it seem like a guaranteed hit. I had only Mitchell's map to guide me. Everything seemed to be going well until I hit a certain mileage. Mitchell's map called for a left turn down a road. The problem? No road! No problem I thought. There's lots of evidence of digging around do I must be in the right place. I got out my tools and started the work. I chose a spot next to an existing hole. Almost right away I hit a snow white layer of as
  6. I think fluorite is probably right. Whatever it is, it's badly broken.
  7. It's gorgeous stuff. There's still supposed to be plenty there but I didn't come up with much.
  8. So I was up in Mule Canyon yesterday, looking for the ever popular petrified palm. I spent a good five hours digging. The dirt was so rocky and hard I probably only moved 20 cubic feet in that time. After all that work I only managed to come up with 5 very small pieces. That doesn't seem very productive to me.
  9. A lot of those pictures look like very ordinary earthly materials to me. The first picture in your last post looks very much like slag with some iron mixed in. The shark looking thing looks very much like metal that was spilled on the desert floor. The last picture looks like an ordinary rock covered in desert varnish. MAYBE there's some precious metals mixed in there but I don't think you have any meteorites.
  10. Looks like some type of iron ore with some pyrite.
  11. There's quite a bit of variety. The one I had slabbed is a little tougher to find but it's there. Most of what's there is fairly pedestrian red/brown. There's also been some really bright red with chalcedony stringers, but the only piece of that I've found was a heel someone knocked off of a larger piece. Here are some picture of what can be found there. I couldn't find the bright red/white piece so there's no picture of that. The last picture is of the road surface of old route 66. Look closely near the center. There was so much jasper in this area that there's a lot of it in the road. h
  12. Got an email today. The stone has been slabbed and is on the way back to me. Here's a picture. There's going to be some really nice pieces from this.
  13. I need to quit lookin at stuff on my phone. When the picture is small, it looks like the blue mineral is on top of a thin layer of chalcedony.
  14. Haha! That hasn't happened to me in a long time. Chrysocolla?
  15. Hey Jim! It always makes me happy when I see you post. I hope you are as well as can be given the circumstances. When I met you, we were both members of the Chino Valley Prospectors club. I had some major changes in my life that prevented me from continuing my membership there. I was wondering if the club is still around.
  16. I should add a warning though. The area borders 29 Palms marine base. If you go far enough, you may see some unexploded ordnance. If you see something cylindrical, stay the hell away.
  17. So I shipped the large piece off to Wyoming. It will be slabbed then returned. I can't wait to see what it looks like.
  18. Looks like a large chunk broke off while they were weighing it.
  19. El Dorado, it's easy getting there as long as you have the correct directions. Lavic road used to cross the tracks but a few years back BNSF took the crossing out. Here's the easiest way to get there now. From Barstow head east on 40. Take the Hector Road exit and turn right. Turn left at National Trails Highway. Where National Trails Highway crosses the tracks, make a right turn onto the dirt road that runs next to the tracks. Take this road until you get to Lavic Road where you will turn right. Park at any spot that looks good to you and start looking. There is jasper all over literally for
  20. Took a trip up to Lavic Lake looking for jasper today. Before we got there I decided to stop at a fairly random hilltop along old 66. Found lots of bits of chalcedony, some nice jasper, and a few agates. I had a tough time explaining to the girlfriend that we didn't have to pick up every little bit we saw because there was a lot more, and larger pieces where we were going. She probably picked up 20 pounds of stuff barely fit for tumbling. After that adventure, we finally headed on over to Lavic Lake. Most of what I found was run of the mill red/brown jasper. I found a few small bits of the go
  21. Most fossils are okay to collect from public land, and private land if you have permission from the owner. That fossil coral is probably okay to pick up. It's the vertebrates (things with skeletons) and the evidence they leave behind you have to be careful of.
  22. I didn't mean to hijack your thread TB. Those are lovely nuggets and I'm quite jealous.
  23. Cannonballs were indeed described by weight, but I was referencing an old story about a location I've hunted. The story is a woman hunting there in the late 80s found a 14 pound nugget. I've always had that in the back of my mind though I know the odds are similar to winning the lottery.
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