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  1. There's another possibility that just occurred to me. These might be coprolites. Most coprolites don't resemble these at all, but a handful do. Taking them to a local university's geology department should get you some more definitive answers.
  2. Strictly a guess here, but I'm thinking some kind of mudstone. I imagine them drying and cracking slowly over time. I would expect these formed similar to the way a septarian nodule forms, but from the outside rather than inside. Are the apparent cracks equally pronounced on both sides?
  3. 34 is called leopard skin Jasper. It's an orbicular rhyolite from Mexico. It sells for around $3.50 a pound and cut my fair share of it. I say this is what it is with 100% certainty. 35 definitely tigers eye. 37 magnetite 38 & 39 pyrite 40 is an agate 41 looks like a silicified chrysocolla 43 test for hardness. Might be quartz, selenite, moonstone, or any other number of minerals. 44 obsidian
  4. I think 4meter is probably correct on all of them. Many of these are outside my (small) area of expertise.
  5. For some reason I can't get the photos to enlarge on my phone, so I'll have to take a look on my computer in the morning. They do look like great photos which really helps. I can't count the number of times someone has asked for an ID with a blurry photo.
  6. Share away. Just be advised that a proper ID is not always possible by photo alone. Try to get very clear, well focused, and well lit pictures. Try to provide as much info as you can such as hardness, streak color, specific gravity, and location they were found. The more info you can provide, the more likely you are to get a correct ID. If all you have are pictures that's fine too, but they might not get identified that way.
  7. The pits in the egg shaped stone are reminiscent of fossilized coral, but the size is all wrong for that. The stone's composition screams granite so that further rules out the coral. I think you've got a couple fairly ordinary river rocks there.
  8. I'm not a meteorite guy but I can tell you with 100% certainty that the first one is not a meteorite. It appears to contain shell fossils, and lots of them. No fossils have ever been found in a meteorite.
  9. I wonder how much it's going to go for.
  10. Check this skull carved from a meteorite. http://hyperallergic.com/253332/a-skull-carved-from-a-meteorite-lands-on-the-auction-block/
  11. I think you've got a piece of smithsonite or hemimorphite there. Nice specimen whatever it is.
  12. I think you're right. I don't know why I was thinking palm before. Those pretty clearly look like snails.
  13. Al, what kind of camera you got? You might be able to fiddle with the settings or manually focus to get better pics.
  14. I can't say for sure without seeing it in person, but your rock looks like it might be a low grade petrified palm. There are a few features in it that look like palm roots. It might also be an orbicular rhyolite, but I think it's more likely to be some sort of fossil. There's just too much going on for rhyolite in my opinion.
  15. I'm not sure what V you're referring to. I see something in the center that looks like an X. This too appears to be a feature caused by fractures, at least to my eyes.
  16. I might have an idea but need some info first. When you shine a light on it does it have a lot of small sparkles inside?
  17. Calcite is very soft and will scratch easily with a pocket knife.
  18. Mystery solved! I didn't think it was palm because you don't see palm with smaller bits on the inside that get progressively larger toward the outside. I tried like the dickens to ID it for you, but cycad was still just a guess. Now I've got more info for the future. Thanks for the update!
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