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  1. Being perfectly honest, they look like bits of broken glass to me. The piece from the first two pictures looks pretty typical for auto glass. The lavender one in the last picture looks like antique glass that has changed color after a lot of exposure to the sun. The other two bits I’m not sure about. Of course, identifying anything from photos alone is quite difficult, so there’s a chance i’m wrong.
  2. Wow! That is a close call. Hopefully she lets someone at least classify it before she hides it away.
  3. It’s probably a concretion, but it’s hard to tell from these photos.
  4. There are plenty. They’re just tired. They get real tired of answering questions for people that refuse to listen. There seems to be two types of people that ask for a stone to be identified. There are those that are genuinely looking for help, and those that are looking for confirmation—those that have already decided what it is but want someone to confirm. That second type, they won’t listen to anyone that says their stone is something other than what they want it to be, no matter what credentials the person trying to help them has. Imagine if I posted a picture of a baseball, and asked if it was a billiard ball. Obviously it’s not. Now imagine you answered that person and told them it was actually a baseball. Imagine 10 or 15 other people also said it was a baseball. What if those 10 or 15 people played baseball in college? That would give them enough experience to know what a baseball is despite baseball not being their career. Now imagine that I say everyone is wrong, it MUST be a billiard ball because it’s round like a billiard ball. I’d look pretty silly to everyone, and everyone would probably just stop answering my questions, right?
  5. A joke based on the typo in the title. i don’t think you’ve got an icthyosaur fossil there, but that needs to be confirmed by an expert.
  6. There are many volcanic rocks that will attract a magnet.
  7. The first one, maybe. The rest appear to be bone.
  8. If you have access to a short wave UV light you can test for tungsten. Scheelite (tungsten ore) will fluoresce white or bright blue. If it fluoresces any other color or no color at all then you don’t have tungsten. i think Bob is probably correct saying you’ve got iron stained quartz and a mix of limonite and magnetite.
  9. Looks like some agate with quartz crystal grown on top of it. Also looks like it’s been heavily water worn.
  10. To start with, every app I’ve tried for identifying rocks has been terrible. I’ve tested them with at least 10 known specimens and they all got every one of them wrong. Next, the first pic your app shows up there isn’t even a natural stone. It has very obviously been carved. You can still see the marks left by the burr they used. That tells me the app you’re using is completely worthless. There is nothing to indicate your piece did not originate on earth. I’m not sure what you’ve got but I’m pretty sure it didn’t come from space.
  11. Edit: it seems I’ve quoted the wrong person. I meant to quote pondmn who stated that you might look into a local rock club. This is probably the best advice you’ll get. Here’s a list of clubs that are members of the California Federation of Mineralogical Societies. They’re sorted by name so you might haves to look through the whole thing to find one near you. https://cfmsinc.org/cfms-member-club-list/
  12. That eliminates both glaucophane and jadeite. I really have no idea on this one.
  13. Specific gravity will always help, but I don’t ask for it because most people can’t do it.
  14. Between that and your test with the knife we can rule out serpentine. Glaucophane is still a possibility, though I think jadeite is more likely. There are probably a few other possibilities. Keep in mind though that making a proper ID from photos is difficult under the best circumstances.
  15. https://www.rocksandminerals.com/hardness/mohs.htm
  16. I can’t definitively say what it is. Might be serpentine/serpentinite, glaucophane, maybe even jadeite. Do you know the hardness?
  17. Any metaphysical place is going to be WAY over priced. For instance, the site you listed has “fist sized” chunks of leopard skin jasper for $7.95. Their “fist size” appears to be about half a pound. Most places sell the same same for $3.50 - $5.00 per pound.
  18. My first thought on that piece was carborundum, but I rules that out as soon as I saw the big crystals. There’s a few things that could be going on there. Those could be crystals of the actual mineral, those could be crystals of one mineral with a coating of another mineral, or it could be a pseudomorph, where one mineral grows and is then replaced by another mineral. What is it though? I have no idea. It almost looks like vanadanite coated in manganese (hollandite or romanechite), but I’m pretty sure that’s not it.
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