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  1. d_day

    rocks and minerals

    I see nothing here that indicates diamond. There's an easy way to test it though. Do a scratch test. If something harder than glass but softer than diamond scratches it, then you have glass.
  2. d_day

    rocks and minerals

    It's glass.
  3. d_day

    Fossilized wood?

    Doesn't look like wood to me at all. It looks like lepidolite.
  4. Homefire gave you an answer without insults. Why do you think you've been insulted? as to my answer, well I agree. You've got ordinary granite there. The silver flecks you're seeing are mica.
  5. d_day

    Mystery "rock"

    I'm not saying it IS a concretion, just that it could be. There aren't many rocks out there that will shed layers like that. Of course it may not be a rock at all, but might be a man made artifact of some sort.
  6. d_day

    Mystery "rock"

    This Wikipedia page will give you a good start on concretions. Also, I just noticed the part where you said it rattled. That may make a type of concretion called a septarian nodule. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Concretion
  7. d_day

    Mystery "rock"

    Based on this part of one of your pictures, I think it's possible you've got a concretion there.
  8. d_day

    Nevada Day fossil hunt.

    Sounds like the area west of Randsburg. Holes everywhere.
  9. d_day

    Nevada Day fossil hunt.

    Nice finds!
  10. They just keep pulling points out. It's crazy!
  11. d_day

    A cool piece

    It's very difficult to identify minerals from photos alone. It can sometimes be done, but generally more info than just a photo is needed.
  12. Yeah I'd say it's most likely malachite with crysocolla.
  13. Could be vesicular basalt, but I think it's most likely to be slag.
  14. d_day

    Pala Chief Mine

    I've seen some stunning pieces come out of those places. The only time I went I got mostly low quality fragments, but I did find a nicely terminated green micromount.