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  1. I’ve wanted to cut some of that for years. Can’t seem to afford the stuff though.
  2. Yeah, most likely selenite, but might also be a number of borate minerals.
  3. Anything we put forward without more info than just the pictures is going to be a guess. The white portion is pretty obviously softer than the rest of the stone, since you can see deeper wear near the edges. The white part is not much softer than the rest though, since it’s barely eroded more than the rest. It might be from a half to a full point softer on the Mohs scale. Or it might even be the same hardness but appears to wear more quickly because it’s more crystalline than the rest. That being said, it looks a bit like a river worn jade with quartz veins. It also looks like it could be marble. There’s just no telling without more info.
  4. Identifying stones from photos alone is difficult. Do you have more information, such as hardness and specific gravity? Can you take some clearer photos, maybe a little closer? It would certainly help.
  5. Going to take a wild guess and say opal.
  6. Does it scratch with a fingernail?
  7. Travertine. No idea how old it is.
  8. I second lapis. Just can't tell on the green. Could be what you said, though I was thinking it might also be grossular garnet. There are just too many green minerals, and the picture is just not clear enough.
  9. I said it looked like glass the first time it was posted. My money is still on it being glass.
  10. Yup, very hard to ID from a photo. Ifvi had to guess, I'd say basalt, black dacite, or some other extrusive igneous rock.
  11. I'm going to guess it's some variety of basalt.
  12. Looks more like a piece of quartzite than it does agate or jasper.
  13. But if his hardness tests are accurate, that rules out opal, which is why I mentioned agate.
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