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  1. I just eye rolled so hard I could see my brain
  2. This describes almost every terrestrial stone that has been exposed to weather for any appreciable amount of time.
  3. So, it’s a tektite, but is crystalline? You are aware, aren’t you, that tektites are amorphous?
  4. It has the look of pet wood but I won’t say for certain that’s what it is. The photos are unclear when zoomed in, so details are lost. Plus, it’s very difficult to identify stuff from photos to begin with.
  5. The dark one is a quartz filled agate. Not sure on the light colored one.
  6. Then it’s most likely hematite.
  7. Was it yellowish, or reddish?
  8. I’m thinking it may be a hematite or limonite after pyrite pseudomorph.
  9. I’m leaning toward it being slag, but it looks like it might be vesicular basalt. Tough to tell from photos.
  10. First impression is basalt, but it is a low quality photo so it’s difficult to say for sure. It does look terrestrial.
  11. I couldn’t tell you what the host rock is, but it looks like it’s been fractured and infilled with agate.
  12. I’m thinking unakite, which is epidote (Green) and plagioclase feldspar (pink). Just a guess based on the photo and the information given.
  13. The second picture sure looks like coral.
  14. Interesting. Clay or soapstone perhaps?
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