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  1. It looks a lot like basanite to me. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Basanite#Description
  2. Barite rose and orange calcite for the first two, as Bob and Morlock stated. And, like the others, I’m not sure about the last two.
  3. Honestly, I’m thinking crinoid stem pieces. I’ve zoomed in on the holes.
  4. Looking at those holes makes me think you may have a mold fossil. That happens when an organism dies and is buried. The organism decomposes and leaves behind a hole in the shape of its body.
  5. I think it probably is coral. I can’t Norris down the species but someone else here might be able to. As to your comment about Louisiana being under an oven, the entire south was at one point, which is what made the land so fertile.
  6. Yeah, it appears the user and their comments are all gone. There are a few quotes still around, but anything posted directly by the user went poof.
  7. Looks similar to chrysanthemum stone, but I can’t say for certain what it is.
  8. It stinks huh? I’m wondering if you got a piece of bog iron, and the smell is what’s leftover from the fen.
  9. Tough to say. Minerals are difficult to ID from a photo alone, rocks doubly so.
  10. Looks like a rock, which is composed of multiple minerals.
  11. Appears to be a sandstone concretion fragment.
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