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  1. I’ve seen some it big ones. The first one in the article is about the biggest I’ve seen. Glad I scrolled down instead of dismissing it. Those are some whoppers.
  2. The crystals I see look like calcite to me, though they could be quartz.
  3. Serpentinite was actually my first thought, for all the reasons you mentioned.
  4. This could be so many things. It’s too hard to tell exactly what it is from just pictures. I think Bob may be on to something with the quartzite. It does have the appearance of quartzite, which is a metamorphosed quartz sandstone. It also looks like it could be a fairly grainy chert. It could be a number of other things with staining from chemical weathering.
  5. I can’t say for sure, but I’d guess it’s marble.
  6. FYI CLR and iron out are basically the same thing.
  7. Agate isn’t typically considered a locatable mineral so claims for it are typically denied. Claims for agate can be granted if the agate is unique and highly desirable, but most agate just isn’t.
  8. Nothing I’ve ever read mentioned the land was patented. This is excellent info to have. Thanks Clay. And I’d guess you’re probably right. it’s probably cinders.
  9. I’ve always seen a product called Iron Out recommenced for this, though I’m not sure if you soak them in it or spray and scrub.
  10. Nearly all of the rockhounding books about California list a place to pick up agate nodules near Newberry Springs, off old Route 66. It’s a place I always wanted to go, but never felt comfortable without a 4 wheel drive. They make it sound so simple in the books — climb the hill, dig in the ash blowouts, and find some nice agate nodules. It’s gone back and forth between an active mining claim and public land many times over the years, and it appears as though it is an active claim once again. I’ve heard reports that the gate at the bottom of the hill is closed and locked, and there’s
  11. Disgrace? You claim the item pictured is a meteorite. Mike, a very experienced meteorite hunter, says based on what he can see that it is not a meteorite. So, he’s a disgrace for stating his opinion? But see, here’s the thing. You, as the person claiming the item is a meteorite, have the burden of proof. You say it’s a meteorite. Prove it. Go get it classified and make us eat our words. Until then, it’s just a piece of vesicular basalt.
  12. If that's a meteorite it can’t be worth much. I can find those by the ton.
  13. An asteroid passed just 250 miles from earth on Friday the 13th. https://www.sciencealert.com/earth-just-had-a-record-close-shave-with-a-house-sized-asteroid?fbclid=IwAR3vd1MWdx0mAVb-2oe0tieDGfombSxKknC6LdHvmuyGGhtVQcM-RLYgY1M
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