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  1. They said the GRGA was going to continue even though they sold all the good claims around the Devils Nest. Looks like they had seconds thoughts when they lost a lot of members.
  2. I purchased some maps from Uncle Ron too. Very pleasantly surprised with them and would recommend these for anyone. Am curious about the Gold, Rock, Gem Adventures also. Anyone have some info on this? Couldn't find anything doing a search.
  3. Dave, You really should read up on meteorites. I just know there's some out there someplace and if it's a large one, it could be worth lots of $$$. I've provided some links to get you started. They will most likely exhibit signs of rust but not always. Will be heavier then the typical rocks in the area. If you come across one while detecting, it will set it off. It could also be a hot rock but it needs to be checked out in any case. Magnets will be attracted to them 95% of the time. http://www.meteoritemarket.com/metid1.htm http://meteorite-identification.com/streak.html http://www.skyandteles
  4. And don't forget about those heavy, rusty looking rocks called meteorites. There just has to be a few in the Bradshaws someplace.
  5. As my great, great grandfather once said.... There's gold in them hills.... Seriously though, you picked a great area to move to. Good potential..
  6. I'm convinced there's still some virgin patches left in the Bradshaws. With that bike and a little luck, you might find one. The secret is to ask everyone where the gold is, then head in the opposite direction.
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