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  1. That's some pretty stuff and a nice haul for both of you. Some of those piece will bring $$$$ as micromounts. Congrats.
  2. I'd like to know more details without having to buy the magazine. What a whopper.
  3. That's hilarious. We should probably be sending more kids overseas these days since they sound spoiled as hell. I watch TV and they all sound so petty fretting and moaning about the silliest things. Visits to third world countries can be an eye opening experience.
  4. I've seen various things like cows, cheeses, stone wheels, shells,etc used for currency but that cross is one of the most unusual.
  5. That's a pretty unusual looking silver ingot. Regardless whether you found it with your detector not, it's a collectors item. imho "We bought a little bowl not sure what its called but you can get it red hot." That's called a crucible.
  6. That's a magnificent specimen. It's a trigon alright. Reminds me of those found at the Eagles Nest mine in Ca.
  7. And I'm the one on the far left with the tail pointing this way. Nice photo.
  8. My largest was a 3.4 ounce gold and quartz specimen. Veins were really thin but interpersed equally throughout. Found some smaller 1-2 pennyweight crystalline pieces also with the most unique shapes. Unfortunately, I had to sell them all which was my biggest regret.
  9. My favorite is the 6.5" coil that comes with the Gold Bug 2. Lots of fun (and gold) with that small coil. Very rarely used the 10".
  10. Hoser John has the answer for this. I'm too nice to say it myself.
  11. Neat nuggets Adam. You really should display your collection at Tuscon in Feb. It will give people an idea what can be found locally.
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