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  1. Well thanks, y'all. Micro, I haven't done that test yet, but I was reading about the weight of gold today. What a trip! I am waiting on my supplies. I have a panning set coming, and also an acid test kit. I mean, I am thinking I'll just melt the frikkin mica. Grr. Mica. I don't like!! If it is possible for gold and mica to mix, I feel that it is likely that I have some mica and some gold, but if it is unlikely, then I'll just kill it all! bwahahahaha! (there is no devil face, so insert devil face here!) Depending upon whether I get my acid or my pan first, I will test accordingly.
  2. Well, whatever it is, it is inside some of my quartz, and mixed up through all of my clay. It holds the sun and is very pretty Dirty... I am at a loss on how to clean it, but pretty.
  3. Oh, and in the jar, those tiny pieces are covered with water.
  4. There are mica flakes definitely, I pulled a bunch out that were really brittle. Is it possible that mica and gold can be mixed together, as the ones I felt were gold are very thin, and when wet, even bend when pulled out of the water against the weight of the water (the very thin ones). They just naturally bend around my tweezers or finger. Also, I thought that the constant shine was indicative of gold, as apposed to glitter... Keep in mind too that these are not very clean, as I pulled them from the red clay here, and getting that junk off is NOT easy! Can you perhaps give me an idea of
  5. I am thinking yes, but of course I have this nagging doubt. I do have mica (not displayed) but it is pretty easy to tell with it bc the layered flakes break right off... It is very brittle. What I have here, this gold(?) is much more malleable. It bends. You can leave dents in it. I am waiting for my acid kit, and hopefully the acid will dissolve off some of the dirt and clay that is still attached. I found it laying on top of my dirt (Paulding County, GA)... I wonder if there could be nuggets somewhere. Where do people typically find nuggets? I know that I have quartz with gold insid
  6. Awesome! I will have to find a mining shop near to me! Thank you! If I have any gold, I will send some sand/gold to everyone here who helped me! I really appreciate it a lot!
  7. file://localhost/Users/christiesweet/Pictures/iPhoto%20Library.photolibrary/Masters/2013/07/18/20130718-135516/IMG_6317.MOV Maybe this will work
  8. Can I post a video here somehow? I don't really want to youtube this. IMG_6317.MOV
  9. Where can I find the acid to acid test?
  10. Thank you, micro! I do need help, though! Seriously! I have written with the gold, and it writes in gold, not brown... Also, it is definitely malleable. You should feel it in the clay! That said, I do have mica and pyrite. I have researched it obsessively! Pyrite looks very geometrical, very squared, and it has more of a flat tone. Mica just flakes away, but the mica that I have found tends to be much more brown than gold...
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