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  1. I live in Bullhead. Gotta love the 100+ Summers! I used a rubber gasket maker for the seal. do you think that it okay, or should I remove it and use weather stripping?
  2. Hi, I'm new to this forum, and to prospecting. A few years ago I tried building a dry washer because I wanted to try desert prospecting. I never really had a chance to go, but I want to try again. I pulled out my dry washer and realized that it has many problems. I'll post some pictures. I know it's not very good, so please, no laughing. I got the plans out of a book. Some questions: what do you use to make an airtight seal between the bellows and riffle tray, and how do you clamp them down? How do you make a riffle tray out of wood? I tried using glue, but it's not strong enough. It's hard to
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