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  1. BLM is increasing the filing fee $5.00 starting October 1st, 2013 ( on new claim filings only) so the BLM office here in Nevada tells me.
  2. Bob, I am really interested in how often you clean out your mat. Or you just change mats & clean up at the end of the day !
  3. What is your source of information ? I live in NV. and have never heard of a permit being required !!!!
  4. Brian, please be aware that ALL the clubs in the Rich Hill area are changing their claims around this year, due to the greedy folks at BLM. So when you go there, be sure to ask them for their updated maps. good hunting.
  5. Mitchel, between running my own business & being tied in with several small mining companies,& other interest; who has time to do the outings !!! I'll probably die in my lab. But hopefully will "retire" (lol) in a few years. Ray
  6. Jim, am not sure if the Y NOT is still alive & well. As I understand it he had to drop some claims (like most clubs in the Stanton area.) due to increased BLM fees. Stop by the Weaver Mining Assn. office in Congress. Ask Julie as she knows ( things are changing every day in that area) most of whats going on.
  7. The IRS is too busy covering their a++ to give any thought to doing any 'real' work. Next, they'll want interest on money owned, due to THEIR delay.
  8. Sawmill, thanks for seeing things as they are. I believe a new policy is in order, so here goes. I 'Golden Ray' by the power invested in me do hereby issue a new executive order effective immediately. I will have no more dealings with BLM. I know nothing, seen nothing, heard nothing,"what the hell are you talking about"? I believe my new attitude should go well with theirs. !!!! After all, they know nothing, except "give me more money"
  9. MY opinion would be to try mounting it both ways, and run a few buckets each way to see what works best for you. On the same subject, have been thinking about installing a variable speed fan switch and running different speeds to see if any improvement. Has anyone tried this, & what results????
  10. Have your friend sign a 'Ouit Claim' form over to you. or another member of your group. This means he has turned over 'any & all rights' he has in that claim. We just leave name on BLM paperwork as is, if you sell claim to another party, give them that quit claim along with yours. If BLM send everyone in your group a 'Address veritication' form, you can file a 'Amenment' form ($10.00 cost) with BLM. No problems.
  11. I posted my dealings with the BLM & meteorites as a warning for others to be very careful with having any dealings with the government concerning meteorites. The facts I stated are true, you don't have to beleave them, so I won't bother replying to your remarks anymore.
  12. To advise all meteorite collectors out there. An update on my partners dealings with BLM. Last fall BLM seen a new source to make money & started a meteorite division. The ruling reads, you can collect & keep up to 10 (ten) pound of meteorites. No permit needed. Over 10 pounds you must apply for a commercial permit to have more then 10 pounds. The government still owns your collected meteorites, they say. A filed mining claim gives you no rights to any meteorites on the claim. Totally separate deal. We filed the permit, and were told to sit on it till they decide HOW MUCH TO CHARGE US
  13. As a word of caution, be very careful with the personal ads on Craigslist. I also am in your position, looking for a companion/wife who enjoys my type of living, and have tried craigslist. Many of the responses were from hookers, con artist, & homeless drunks/druggies. And some are from overseas !!!! looking to enter the USA. Use common sense; the more replies you go through, the easier it is to spot them. Best of luck.
  14. If you still need one more opinion to convince you. What you found is NOT a meteorite. Silicate (quartz) in your sample is a dead give away.
  15. Thanks to everyone for the info. Not buying that 40 acre piece, but will keep looking for land with full mineral rights. Ray
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