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  1. Thanks everybody. This is all valuable info for me. I live south west of the "Lloyd zone" on WWW.strongbowexploration.com/ridgeway. They make mention of an "interest" 600m to the sw. I am about 700m sw. I'm down hill and on a creek. The small amount of gold I panned was on that side of my property.I only panned a third of a 5gal bucket. I found minimal flakes.I plan to dig out a couple old/dry creek beds that come from that direction this weekend. I will let you know how that turned out. :-) thanks again everybody!
  2. My land contains plenty of gold.what luck! How ever...it is a sulfide deposit. From what I understand,cyanide is the only method of separation. Is this true? Am I living on a gold mine that I can not utilize?is there a cheaper and safer way to retreave this gold?
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