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  1. I cant seem to figure out how to post pics in here. Edited: By Au Seeker to add photo, click photo to enlarge, Mick can elaborate.
  2. I have some pics of the micro gold im finding. Im gonna try and figure out how to post them.
  3. Thanks everybody. This is all valuable info for me. I live south west of the "Lloyd zone" on WWW.strongbowexploration.com/ridgeway. They make mention of an "interest" 600m to the sw. I am about 700m sw. I'm down hill and on a creek. The small amount of gold I panned was on that side of my property.I only panned a third of a 5gal bucket. I found minimal flakes.I plan to dig out a couple old/dry creek beds that come from that direction this weekend. I will let you know how that turned out. :-) thanks again everybody!
  4. My land contains plenty of gold.what luck! How ever...it is a sulfide deposit. From what I understand,cyanide is the only method of separation. Is this true? Am I living on a gold mine that I can not utilize?is there a cheaper and safer way to retreave this gold?
  5. Can a geothermal anomaly mix gold with other minerals to make it less noticeable? Are granites and quartz the only rocks that contain gold?
  6. If they only knew how often my dogs dropped their "nuggets" in the creek. The mine has 33As.(arsenic) and I think I found some of it. I'm wondering how safe panning is if that stuff is found along with gold.
  7. I have also heard that the land I'm on was traded by the mining company for an adjacent property north of their mine.they started mining in 1980 and we moved here in 2000. The "land trade rumor" is the reason I wonder. Looking forward to seekers reply later.
  8. I live east of a past producing gold mine. I have a creek that splits my property in half coming from there land.is it possible that they still own the mineral rights to what ever I find in my creek?
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