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  1. devilishjim


    Maybe I mean just maybe Them tree huggers might decide to allow some logging and forest management ? I have never ever seen such piss poor forest managenment in my life and that includes Oregon also. They are so concerned about somebody with a BB gun while the forests are left to go to hell just because some f%%$#@@ asshat pencil pusher behind his desk decided that this is the way it shall be. Why isnt someone held accountable for what they are doing. You crap for brains that wanna protest all the little crap get off your asses and start protesting our forests being allowed to go to hell.
  2. devilishjim

    Happy Birthday Shep

    Hey Shep long time no see, Still in Oakhurst ? Happy Birthday
  3. I will give Adams left nut for some cooler weather and rain in Salome. My bank acct is having serious withdrawals feeding my ACs
  4. devilishjim

    Bonuty ! Bounty ! Bounty Heads Wanted !

    Some people do too, I think they were trained by the bots
  5. Doc might I suggest that rather then dental floss use a hog ring to crimp on the bungee or maybe cut the bungee a lil longer and get one of those adjustable bungees and swipe the end off of it so you have an adjustable one for whatever length works the best for you.

    1. DOC


      The loop that is on the bungee that I make up, is actually crimped with a SS hog ring, because that is the working end.  Stupid me, the first one I made up I just used the adhesive lined thick walled heat shrink and nothing else.  It worked great about 5 trips and then I was out one day when it was real hot and that bungee loop came unlooped and came off the detector and smacked me in the face.  For a split second I thought I had been bit by a flying rattlesnake.  :ROFL: 

      " get one of those adjustable bungees and swipe the end off of it so you have an adjustable one for whatever length works the best for you. "

      I'm not real clear on what you mean by that above sentence?  The snap that comes with the Minelab bungee is adjustable.

      Also I am currently in production of something that will replace the shaft hook that Minelab makes to attach the bungee that will give you the ability to either attach the bungee, or adjust the length of the bungee on the shaft as well as using the hook, up by the "D" ring.

      Thank you for the advice, some of the best ideas are actually a collaboration with actual users who come up with, "If only you could..."

      Take care!


    2. DOC


      The reason I suggested dental floss for the non-working end is because it is the non-working end, and doesn't really have any stress on it.

  6. devilishjim

    Lead mining

    Buy a bullet mold, The days coming we will need those
  7. devilishjim

    Bonuty ! Bounty ! Bounty Heads Wanted !

    Call Martha Stewart ? Actually your paid tax preparer should take care of this if nothing else file an amended return.
  8. devilishjim

    Bucket Dredge Pics - 1940's to 1960's

    Love it thanks for posting
  9. devilishjim

    Yep it's Spring !

    A Ha now I know why i seen them marching towards that MATER patch in full rain gear !
  10. devilishjim

    Got a Haircut today

    I think a pair of grass shears would work great, might need a slight trim afterwords ?
  11. devilishjim

    quads and skunks

    And it may have been running a water pump / post this pic on hit n miss website and see if anyone is interested enough to make it worth your time to go fetch
  12. devilishjim

    quads and skunks

    Old hit n miss motors are bringing big money these days...running or not
  13. devilishjim

    quads and skunks

    That would probably be an 8 HP somebody might not have been able to start it and shoved it over the edge, Look for the rest of it and even just the wheels may be of value. There is a hit n miss club on facebook and yes my guess is it was probably running a stamp mill. Those were old very powerful motors once they got spinning nothing would stop them.
  14. devilishjim

    UFO Over Arizona.. Again!

    Don't get excited I just bought dear wife a new broom and she was just altitude and speed testing. I promised her an extensive stay in the closet if she continued to scare people ;)
  15. devilishjim

    quads and skunks

    That looks like the crankshaft out of an old hit n miss motor so if that was the case then somebody was serious about their stay !