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  1. Nice job! I am gonna follow you next time......... LOL Jim
  2. I got one, love it for coins/relics want to try nuggets..... Anyone got one? Jim
  3. Bill, do you sell coils? what is the price for 11"? Also of note, they Deus is 5 year warranty now..... Jim
  4. Compass? They still make them? LOL What we city guys need are classes on land nav.....We usually only get "then left at the 7-11" for land nav. Jim
  5. Excellent! I have my cal marked and am trying to get a newly given MH up and running for the event, but if not I will tent it! Thanks, JIm
  6. As a newby if allowed, I'll be there, camping sounds like a perfect way to go. Never been to Franconia. Liked the stories I heard and read here. Heck even if I find zip, I get to meet you all and that is great! Jim
  7. Marked the cal and will be there.....Thanks Jim
  8. If possible I would like to tag along to learn what i can, I am not a million question an hour guy but I do pay attention and learn! I got a Boldbug2 and Omega8000. I realize it is "out" of season, but I thought I would try to get invited...... I will wash your cars, polish your silverwear, clean and tune your detectors, run for water, set up camp then stand watch all night. change your oil.......OK maybe not but I sure would like to go learn LOL Thanks Jim Nooob
  9. Dang nice Frank! Where you live cause I am in N W Az and we aint dropped to 90, hell that is almost coat weather....LOL Maybe we stay warmer cause of the river valley locks it in...... Jim
  10. As a newbie I can not wait, this will be great to meet everyone....... Jim
  11. Dang your my hero! As a new GB2 owner, that sure motivates the heck outta me!! JIm
  12. LOL I have no idea where it is but I want to dig it just to see what it is....... I krrp thinking all kinks of things...... Jim
  13. Thank you very much, I soooo want to check out this area..... Jim
  14. I know this is old but are these avail anyplace? Links are all dead...... Jim
  15. Hmmm I passed a sign that said that.....No no it was a brothel sign, my bad.... LOL Jim
  16. What is this for? I get a blank page and a notice that I am not authorized.....or close to that. Was just wondering what I could have downloaded...... Jim
  17. How did it go? You guys got me all interested in this thread......LOL Jim
  18. As a newbie who is also an addict and learning more each trip out, I am soooo interested in learning how to nugget/Astroid shoot. I been to the GB area 1 time to find the MPA claims as I was researching before joining. I know you guys are posting to show each other the finds but I must say, it encourages us new dudes in case you did not know it, I know you all had to start as a newbie sometime ago and thus, you are where my goal is.....Thanks for the "Drive". Group outtings shoud excellent for learning..... Jim
  19. Excellent! I love a shopw for the little people........Sounds good. JIm
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