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  1. A few Alaskan breccia including an agatized breccia
  2. Bob(AK)

    Is this copper natural? If it is copper

    Oh well, there is copper here in AK
  3. Bob(AK)

    Is this copper natural? If it is copper

    Is it heavy? Does a detector sound off on it? Grind of an edge to see what it looks like
  4. Bob(AK)


    The light colored one slight chance to be a geode, others no chance
  5. Bob(AK)

    Quartz Question

    I agree with d_day--quartzite
  6. Bob(AK)

    Weird egg shaped formation

    Agree that crystals are calcite. There is usually some barite and majority of the nodule is limestone
  7. Bob(AK)

    Weird egg shaped formation

    Septarian nodule
  8. Bob(AK)

    Blue green mystery mineral

    I think quartz and perhaps a bit of cobalt for the color
  9. Bob(AK)

    Beautiful, Demented Stone.

    Rocky, possibly next Summer, don’t seem to have any now. I have not been picking any up the last couple years
  10. Bob(AK)

    Beautiful, Demented Stone.

    Have found rocks here in Alaska that look identical, same color everything. Also some with green where the reddish brown is. I never did try to figure what it is because I cut and polish and these are soft enough that it will not polish worth a darn. I just looked through some boxes and didn't find any, Bob
  11. Not sure what the rock is but I see dendrites on it
  12. Black material is the harder of the two, is the black magnetic?
  13. Bob(AK)

    Copper Replacement Agate

    That is great!!
  14. Bob(AK)

    Another interesting summer find

    looks like some agate or quartz or something similar
  15. Bob(AK)

    Coral ? Egg bed ?

    Could be calcite roses but quite beat up