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  1. Usually carry .44 mag, certain places I carry a rifle
  2. What I call a nice piece of jasper
  3. first photo looks like agatized breccia
  4. How hard is this piece? Both chalcocite and covellite are quite soft and both will ring loudly on a detector. The top photo looks brown on the end is that so?
  5. agree with fuss, quartz, pegmatite looking
  6. Back to rock tumbling Bob. I am no expert, just the way I do this. As I said before I use nothing coarser then 220 grit silicon. Also use it on vibrating flat laps since coarser eats them up too fast. With tumbling I do use the 12 lb rotary tumbler for about a week with ceramic media to take up spaces. Then the sonic tumbler for 600 grit also with ceramic media (each step has its own ceramic) for about 4 days. Next the pre polish for 3-4 days and then the tin oxide polish with aluminum oxide pellets for 3-4 days. I have then added a burnishing step with borax for about 2 days using the same pellets as in the polish step. This last step removes any film that may be on the stones. That is what I now do but I am not telling anyone to do like this. PS. many of the vibrating tumblers are very loud. One made of rubber or rubber liner is much better. PSS> The Diamond Pacific Sonic tumblers are great except the small 3-4 lb containers don't work because the sides curve in and stones bind up. The 10 lb works fine. Perhaps they have redesigned the small ones, I don't know. Bob
  7. photos are not the best, looks a bit like eclogite
  8. Very strange looking for sure, if the brown is calcite easy to tell. We have been talking zeolites, could the stained brown be stilbite or something similar?
  9. I agree with Clay's chabazite, looks right from the photo
  10. I think you have a good idea Bob. I use a 12# Thumler to start with 220 grit silicon. I then go to a Diamond Pacific sonic 10# tumbler for the 600 grit, pre polish aluminum , then tin oxide. The rotary jobs do use way more grit although you do not have to use the amount suggested.
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