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  1. Have a happy birthday, and hope things are rolling your way.
  2. I think you have been missed Jimale, and your pictures....
  3. I have a friend in Prescott, who says years ago his buddy found a conquistador's helmet in Sycamore canyon. h.t.
  4. Bob, i think you could be right, maybe this is seasoned rapper we are dealing with, it would explain how it's hard to understand what this person is saying.
  5. Since it's not slag, and we are all on the edge of our seats, why don't you help out some of us less educated on meteorites and tell us what is it your showing us ?
  6. Hey Mr. nugz, the point is that jasper is not as valuable as a meteorite. Nice piece of jasper though, if you were a rock hound you would be excited. If you want more action from the rest of the meteorite gang then post your pictures in the meteorite thread zone.
  7. They could try a big bag of ice melt.... h.t.
  8. Yes is the answer to your question, but it could cost you a bit, but with the value of the meteorite to consider you might want to take that route. Ask the people at Rutgers and see what they advise. h.t.
  9. Your right Morlock, my bad what i meant was it take 3 times the pressure to create lonsdaleite.
  10. I thought steelguy said it came from Tucson show and that his friend or family member bought it years ago.
  11. Good morning steelguy, i am going out on a limb here, and saying you have a meteorite. h.t.
  12. Thanks for sharing Lanny, yea i am lucky my wife works for Nevada division of minerals and we have a good number of amazing places to roam around down here. Wishing you and your family a great season to come, that snow will melt sooner or later. Keep up the good living! h.t.
  13. Patches! that's a great name Dave, and of course a killer ride. h.t.
  14. Hey Lanny, Sounds like things are going well for you and family, and that's always a great thing. So i was thinking if you are ever looking for someone to take under your wing i could be up there pretty quick and i promise i won't tell how much i found! haha h.t.
  15. The surface does not show usual meteorite characteristics, which would be smoother and without large holes. It is pretty cool how your magnet caught this thing though. h.t.
  16. I am curious if Dr. Garvie spoke about lonsdaleite. It seems scientists have not been able to fully agree about Canyon Diablo diamonds and weather or not they are lonsdaleite, which is a high pressure mineral three times as hard as diamond. That impact diamond or lonsdaleite sure would make an awesome ring! I love Canyon Diablo it was my first iron meteorite, now if i could just find the little diamonds. h.t.
  17. killer nuggets! Thanks for sharing those beauties.
  18. That's some dark looking matrix you guys have going there. I think they do look like Wickenberg, good luck with those space turds guys!
  19. Right on Strapped, right place at the right time huh Did you learn something new that you might share with us? Anyway good going, you hit the mother lode of meteorites! h.t.
  20. That's awesome Shay! Keep those rocks a rolling and of course nice nuggets.
  21. Thanks for sharing your collection, and welcome to this forum.
  22. You said it, middleforkminer2 . When a man seems to be part Rambo and part Dali Lama you never know whats going to happen next.
  23. I loved living in Cottonwood, beautiful area and a bit cooler than living in Phoenix. I miss my view from Hermits lane where i could see red rocks from Sycamore canyon to Sedona. Plenty of adventure in every direction. Plus they have internet. hardtimehermit chris
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