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  1. Looks as real as they get. I agree it is malachite, is that what the question is ?
  2. Hey Bob, thanks for your comments, i get what you mean about the piece splitting off of a larger stone seems to make sense. I still am leaning towards cave man's fire stick, but i know your opinion is a good one. I am pretty sure there is no opal in this wood, it is fully agatized. I think your right though that it could have split off a bigger stone. Thanks for sharing your ideas on turning some fossil wood into product for market. I am at the stage of gathering and hope to tool up this summer, so i am just getting started in some ways. h.t.
  3. Actually it measures 1/4 " by 3/4 " and is 6" long. I am with you though, it's like a stir stick from the past. Thanks Morlock h.t.
  4. Last summer i went to Gabbs valley to hunt for opalized wood, but there is also petrified wood. I spent half a day wandering around while the Navy is training pilots above me. Once i looked up and saw a jet 100 feet above the deck with mountains just beside him was an impressive sight. Had a good time, didn't think i had found anything too interesting, until last week i took another look at a piece of fossilized wood i found and thought this stick is pretty cool. To me it looks as though one end has been burnt, and even more it looks like a prehistoric fire poker. This could only happen if a caveman was eating dinner when a volcanic eruption sent tons of ash in the air and buried the site. Or it's just fossilized wood with a white tip, either way i thought you might enjoy a look. h.t.
  5. Have a happy birthday, and hope things are rolling your way.
  6. I think you have been missed Jimale, and your pictures....
  7. I have a friend in Prescott, who says years ago his buddy found a conquistador's helmet in Sycamore canyon. h.t.
  8. Bob, i think you could be right, maybe this is seasoned rapper we are dealing with, it would explain how it's hard to understand what this person is saying.
  9. Since it's not slag, and we are all on the edge of our seats, why don't you help out some of us less educated on meteorites and tell us what is it your showing us ?
  10. Hey Mr. nugz, the point is that jasper is not as valuable as a meteorite. Nice piece of jasper though, if you were a rock hound you would be excited. If you want more action from the rest of the meteorite gang then post your pictures in the meteorite thread zone.
  11. They could try a big bag of ice melt.... h.t.
  12. Yes is the answer to your question, but it could cost you a bit, but with the value of the meteorite to consider you might want to take that route. Ask the people at Rutgers and see what they advise. h.t.
  13. Your right Morlock, my bad what i meant was it take 3 times the pressure to create lonsdaleite.
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