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  1. Excellent Terry, great score buddy, next hoard try to be a bit more careful with those coins, it's crazy how they lose value so quick. Next jar maybe gold!! ht
  2. That's interesting and beautiful. I think it is curious how the bubbles are so round and not elongated. I don't know lots about tektites, but i thought due to the speed at which they are formed that those bubbles would look a bit different, but what do i know besides it is an awesome looking specimen. Any idea why the color is golden? ht
  3. Right on good to see some nuggets, hope you have fun pulling more from your spot. ht
  4. I think maybe polyester, either way very cozy and warm looking on Christmas morning. I don't see what looks like a chondrite, where did you find your rock, does it attract a magnet?
  5. The difference looks day and night to me, your comparison of the lunar material to your hematite is like gold to lead.
  6. killer Terry good work, what machines did you use and was this all beach or some park hunting? Congrats on a good year of digging! ht
  7. Serpentine man! like 4 meter said, and metamorphic too, like Bob said. ht
  8. That's the right idea, noticing a rock different then the rest, but in general most meteorites will pull towards the magnet, and don't usually find them round. I think you have some native earth rock there my friend. Good luck with your new interest, they are out there. ht
  9. Cool filming man, looks good and you found that corner where the wind blew all the meteorites together, nice going thanks for sharing your good times in Stv. ht
  10. You can tell the dog is not buying it. Hee Haww!
  11. Hey Mitchel, have you asked the Nevada Division of Minerals? If not give a call and they can give you all the info you need. 775 684-7040 in Carson. -ht
  12. Sweet looking bands. nice collecting there. ht
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