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  1. Looks like the wood we find up in Virgin Valley hunting for opal. In that area we have been told by the guys running the mines that this is premineralized wood and not fully petrified yet. If your near a volcanic area could be some opal under your feet. Nice find. ht
  2. Craigslist is where all the hot meteorites are at, i like the documentation.
  3. Looks like a good day indeed, nice going.
  4. Well done man, very nice.
  5. Nice swinging ! your two ruled that zone, thanks for sharing.
  6. Nice hunting Frank, looks like maybe some desert chondrites huh? Did you get a chance to show us a window into the stone, or are you in a secret strewn field? either way looks like a beautiful day was had.
  7. Good night ! that looks like lots of fun.
  8. Today western man generally believes we have six senses to preceive with, but i have heard that ancient Egyptians were working with over three hundred senses. Maybe they were able to see things different than we do today, i don't know if they understood better than we do today the workings of our lives, but definitely different. Seems like maybe we have traded some of our senses in, and today we can see what we need to see through the TV ?
  9. Looks like jade to me, the Chinese have carved jade for thousands of years. Take a steel knife and see if you can scratch it. Jade will not scratch it is 6-6.5 on the mohes scale which is harder than a knife.
  10. Well how about the price of a ticket ? that is one of my preceptions, i don't know about you but i dont't have hundreds of dollars for a game where your favorite player just moved to another team for more money, and now they just lost another boat load of millennials too! What is so disrespectful about kneeling is that not what people do in a church ? One other thing is i think they are doing this on their own time, they are on the sidelines and the game has not even began. I thought they were payed to play a game and entertain, and if you ask me that's what they are doing. At the same time peacefully making a statement, that says Houston we have a problem! ht
  11. Now the view from i-40 is also epic and some of the landscape is hard to match, but i love living in Nevada.
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