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  1. Your not a bad guy, your just a poser a kook a wanna -be someone who found a meteorite. As the dog said Shame on you for lying and bragging. Your slag is no mystery to anyone here except you. I offered to send you a real meteorite around x-mas whatever happened, why didn't you respond? Anyway that ship sailed it seems you only care about your finds, so have fun i tried.
  2. Happy birthday Rick, may your pan be full.
  3. No doubt, i would choose the Nox and even though i have had my eyes on Rick's deal you should check out what he's offering. Happy hunting
  4. What do you say WillMeteor, ? would you really be open to getting a real meteorite for X-mas, well p.m. your address and i will send you something to compare with. HOHOHO!!! ht
  5. Not only do you not understand meteorites, you are way off on your statement about strewn fields. Take the others advice here, because they not only have found meteorites they have spent years on the subject. Unless you can play nice or show us real material, maybe stay in the shallow end of the pool until you know what you're talking about?
  6. Cheers from up north, hope you had a good day.
  7. Right on, good time with the family, and Gold!!
  8. This sounds like a fair price, depends on how fast you want to sell. If you drop the price i will be watching and i bet others would be too. ht
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