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  1. hardtimehermit

    Be careful out there.

    My wife works for Nevada Division of Minerals, and she has told me some very bad stories about people stuck in mine shafts. Whenever they go into a mine they have someone outside and there are always a team of at least two that go in. For one thing no matter how many times you went into some mine, your day may come at any time. One individual who thought a certain mine was fine for exploring found out the hard way about deadly gas. He was showing off this place when only 15 feet or so inside the bad gas took his life. Besides snakes and just falling inside an mine the other story that blows me away is that fact that many times people find dynamite sticks unstable as hell! The stuff is so unstable that when they get a report of dynamite in a mine they detonate it in place. If you ever see sticks of dynamite please don't touch.
  2. hardtimehermit

    Be careful out there.

    Abandoned mines are not joke, your more likely to find danger than gold.
  3. hardtimehermit

    Mineshaft Rescue

    Be aware! Untitled_Message (4).zip
  4. hardtimehermit

    October 11 Fireball Event 4094

    Thanks for sharing, sounds like your view took the cake!
  5. hardtimehermit

    Yesterdays finds

    Sounds like you have been a hard working man for many years. I think it's great you used your talents to get you to a place where you have some peace of mind, and room for Christmas with family! You have paid your dues my brother, may you spend the rest of your holidays with whoever you wish. I love that phrase of yours.... Life is short. Do what makes you art a lot.
  6. hardtimehermit

    Yesterdays finds

    Tip top Mr. Bedrock, you and your son are on a roll. You guys are doing what i dream of doing for a living. I work with wood, i like Manzanita the blood red skin or the grain both have a great look. I use the wood to make chairs or table bases and the cut offs burn well in my wood stove. I have some jewelry skills not much, but always learning. Some day i hope to live off of the materials found in the desert and mountains, what a great feeling and there is no way you can find this stuff at the home depot.
  7. hardtimehermit

    Yesterdays finds

    Great finds, how did you guys do on the carving wood, find any keepers?
  8. hardtimehermit

    are these worth getting looked at?

    Hey man, that's fine i thought you might be anxious to get a true or false on your rock. Is there something you know about Russel i don't? You make it sound like the service is a scam, and if so i hope you would also share some info. It feels gimmicky? what does the New England Met. lab website? I wasn't trying to help you with my kind post about your collection, i was trying to help you find science. If you want to get classification so you can market your rock that's fine, but i don't see the big deal in sending a small chip to be tested. They can at least give you a thumbs up or not. Anyway just have fun whatever you choose.
  9. hardtimehermit

    are these worth getting looked at?

    Glad i tried to help.
  10. hardtimehermit

    are these worth getting looked at?

    Rocky, nice collection you have going there. Classified is one thing, and will take awhile usually but you could just get it verified by New England Met. lab for just over 20 bucks and will only take a week or two at the most. Russel Kempton is the man over there and he is great at responding with you. Good luck which ever way you go.
  11. hardtimehermit


    I'm glad someone with brains and a way with the pen can say it like it is. Thanks for putting into words Bob, science matters! I kinda thought some of these folks were just trying to be funny, but now i see how some may have a angle for profit.
  12. hardtimehermit

    Is this a meteorite?

    Thanks Bob, sure seems to be more iron artifacts. I still enjoy the many things a metal detector will turn up.
  13. hardtimehermit

    Is this a meteorite?

    I thought these were meteorites, but the lab said not enough nickel content. They look like they were knapped, or worked by hand. So i figured ask you guys what you think about this iron matieral. The double pointed one looks like an ancient fishing hook called a gouge. The cresent shaped one with a notch looks like what is called great basin cresent. Made by people over 8,000 years ago, experts still can't agree what they were used for. I had found a lot of iron material that looks meteoritic, and when i found the pieces that looked worked at least hundreds of years ago i figured i might have found a strewnfeild. To bad the lab says no meteorite, and UNR does not think i have a great basin cresent because they weren't made of iron.
  14. hardtimehermit


    Just a small way to show support, and Respect to Bill and all you veterans with all the knowledge you share.
  15. hardtimehermit


    Hi Bill, Chris B, that's me aka hardtimehermit