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  1. hardtimehermit

    Between a Rock and a Hard Place

    That's awesome Shay! Keep those rocks a rolling and of course nice nuggets.
  2. hardtimehermit


    Thanks for sharing your collection, and welcome to this forum.
  3. hardtimehermit

    Bedrockbob contact? Glorieta

    You said it, middleforkminer2 . When a man seems to be part Rambo and part Dali Lama you never know whats going to happen next.
  4. hardtimehermit

    Thinking about moving to Arizona - Where would you recommend?

    I loved living in Cottonwood, beautiful area and a bit cooler than living in Phoenix. I miss my view from Hermits lane where i could see red rocks from Sycamore canyon to Sedona. Plenty of adventure in every direction. Plus they have internet. hardtimehermit chris
  5. hardtimehermit

    Happy Birthday Mike Furness

    Have a great birthday Mike.
  6. hardtimehermit

    Ignored Users Feature???

    I thought it was an interesting dance, and didn't think anyone was getting hurt, but if someone is stepping on someone's toes so bad then maybe that dancer should leave the dance floor.In other words if you don't like to slam dance, then go find a line dance or whatever your speed is fussy pants.
  7. hardtimehermit

    Mind Boggling Specimen

    I agree with Morlock, and wonder if your sure and why this is a meteorite that only a handful of people can recognize. Where did this big blue lipped beauty come from by the way?
  8. hardtimehermit

    Odd Meteorwrong Article

    For the best barbecue in the galaxy, one needs to get their hands on some anthracite meteorite. The taste is out of this world No matter what you put on the grill, comes out great every time.
  9. Wishing you and your wife a healthy new year, and thanks for sharing. I also hope you continue having fun prospecting for a long time to come. the other reno chris aka ht hermit.
  10. hardtimehermit

    Iron Teapots

    Gotta love that Chavo, he knows good cookware when he sees it.
  11. hardtimehermit

    Tumbling along with the tumbling tumbleweeds

    Wow that tumbler is popping out some real beauties. My buddy and i are just getting into the idea of tumbling stones, so for now just admiring your work but hope to get tumbling down the road. Thanks for sharing. -Chris aka ht hermit
  12. hardtimehermit

    Ancient fossilized algonada found!

    Yea Merry Christmas Bob, and i would guess the speed of sound is my answer to your question.
  13. hardtimehermit

    Prescott Area Camping Ban

    Thanks to the impact you saw, that river is called the dirty Verde. I used to live in Cottonwood and that was my main swimming spot, besides oak creek of course.
  14. hardtimehermit

    meteorite or lava stone?

    Hey James Brown, this is a volcanic rock. The characteristics of a meteorite are not seen here. Do some searching around online and compare your rock with other meteorites. Then look up volcanic rocks and you will find some big differences. If you want to find a meteorite spend a few bucks and buy a real sample for you to study, and keep looking down.
  15. Happy birthday Jim, and congrats on your brick.