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  1. Hi Mila, you have some real fine quality opal there, clay is so cleaver he even understands Chinese, but back to what you are asking about i do not see the pattern you ask about, but maybe i am missing it, from what i know it is rare to find the Chinese pattern beautiful opal none the less.
  2. The only thing scarier than it's looks, is how high you would get if you were to get bit by that critter. Another creative creation Bob, thanks for sharing.
  3. Sweet nugget Dave, thanks for sharing.
  4. Thanks for sharing, cool video it's awesome to see how fast the scorpion is, i had no idea they caught flys.
  5. Hello fara-kayy, i think what you are seeing is natural weathering. The whole rock looks like it's been moved by water, and i don't recall saying your rock has a water worn fusion crust, but what i was trying to explain is all the white clasts or inclusions are round and with no water on the moon it's hard to say this formed on the moon. Know what i mean, a lunar rock can have some rounded inclusions , but you should see angular pieces as well or else you know it's not a suspect meteorite. If you are just getting into meteorites then you have picked the hardest kind to find, maybe look up know strewn fields in your area and hunt for those. Happy hunting. ht
  6. Nice photos, and i thought i heard he wanted the bracelet back, so it looks like it's real. I just wish we could hear more about how the location linked up with the poem.
  7. Yes your rock looks water worn. Notice how the white clasts are rounded in your rock, but you can see angular pieces in the lunar.
  8. So the danger is real, and i could tell you stories that you might of heard either way we all know falling into a mine shaft is a nightmare. The thing is and this is my opinion after hearing many awful stories even when they saved the dog a few weeks back, that was not fun. It took 3 days to get the dog out, because of Covid-19 they had a heck of a time finding any first responders that could help. They ended up doing the rescue on their own with the help of a friend who knew a few things about caving and had some rope. Anyway i feel the danger out weighs any treasure you might find, and if you were able to use the drone to locate something how is someone suppose to get it out safely? Be safe out there, the area Dave shot his video is loaded with hazards and don't let curiosity get the best of anyone, remember what they say a about the cat. ht
  9. Nice flying Dave, that's a prime example of the work my wife does with interns from college, the fencing of open mine shafts. Just two weeks ago a dog fell into a shaft out near Rye Patch, but they were lucky to pull the dog out, because the shaft was only around 20 feet deep. Be careful out in the hazards areas, no one wants to fall in a shaft, oh and cool finds happy hunting Nevada ht
  10. Plus there is no fusion crust, or any chondrites. I don't see how you think those look like any photo of any meteorite on the internet or in books. You asked. keep looking.
  11. Yeah Terry, good to hear you got the Vanquish 540. Nice find sounds like you are in a good zone. I love my 540 with the V-8 coil, just pulled a beat up 1930 wheat penny from my neighbors front yard, and she bagged me a 1911 barber dime from my front yard. She handles EMI well and is very using friendly basically just turn her on and swing! happy hunting Terry. ht
  12. Yes indeed Gilaoro, many options for todays drone pilot. I should have pointed out that my wife is a licensed pilot, not sure that was implied, but there is a difference. If someone wants to get a business started using a drone lets say for photography, then you would need a license. Of course most people don't need a license to fly, but there may come a day. It's great now while my wife works at the division of minerals, and she gets to fly and program some of the best drones out there pretty cool.
  13. My wife is a drone pilot. Yes these things have come along way and are pretty cool to see in action. My wife works for NDOM which is Nevada Division of Minerals, and they mostly use drones to locate hazards. Each season the dept. takes interns from the college out to address open holes that pose a danger to animals and people and they put a fence around them. It can be a lot of work locating every dangerous opening so the use of drones to fly over an area and map existing hazards has been amazing. They can land on their own, but they do not recharge themselves i can attest to this because we had just recharged the batteries in the photos from lovelock area when we realized by charging drone batteries we ran the car battery dead and we were good and stuck. No phone service of course and closest pavement was 20 miles away, and even then still far from any help. Thankfully we got a phone signal from the top of the mountain you see in the pictures and my buddy made it out to us, but after he got within a few miles of us he started going down the wrong road away from us. That's when the wife jumped into action and got the drone in the air, and was able to get my friends attention before we were left alone. Drones are cool this is how i felt when i saw my friends truck turn around. You know on a side note, i believe just over the last 3 years now they have been having drones races at the Reno Air Show, with some big money prizes .
  14. Bob's got the right idea, i would take a bit from the chest, but maybe put some more in it and start the treasure hunt all over.
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