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  1. Nice job , I really like the Anchor nugget .
  2. https://m.facebook.com/groups/2106870519630698?view=permalink&id=2687500118234399&anchor_composer=false
  3. Would be all over that area for a few days .
  4. This Saturday I was out in ridgecrest with friends they were under a easy up roto tilling and Jack hammering for dry wash material. I was going up a close by hill beeping with my GM 1000 .8:30 am I had a lite cotton dark blue long sleeve shirt wearing Brute deodorant with no headphones on and the detector was screaming at full volume. I was about 250 feet from my Ford pickup when the attack started. With one bee on the back of each ear one on the back of my neck one on my shoulder and 2 circling the front of my face I pulled off my hat and started swatting these killers . To no avail they would not move and relentlessly would not give up . I ran to my truck flailing my hat and even at my truck one was on my nose still had them behind my ears with a few circling me . I got in my truck and prayed none made it in there , I was safe. Looking in my mirror I had a stinger sticking right out the side of my nose . It was pretty scary knowing if there had been twice as many bees and my truck could have been twice or three times farther. I ended up with about 7 stings / welts and 3 were kinda big . The one especially on the front of my neck , and boy it itched . I think the detectors sound set them off then my floral deodorant attracted them with the dark blue shirt . Bee careful guys because this was no joke .
  5. Appreciate the video , well done .😯🎯🎯
  6. https://www.kctv5.com/coronavirus/vaccine-developer-from-kansas-very-optimistic-about-dna-covid-19-vaccine/article_44b7b802-8fb9-11ea-8508-bbcd9086fa53.html?fbclid=IwAR1IbPZbgms_XAZx6zMWSbc-VGVI9Yxyp8Pm6C7lqLV6vKpeu3Weclnfrsc
  7. If a covid 19 vaccine is wortg 1 trillion dollars what is a prostate cancer vaccine worth ? 12 billion dollars
  8. Technically one company is on the verge of a vaccine . Plenty of experience and the results are rolling in . Definitely the front leader . https://finance.yahoo.com/news/covid-19-vaccine-trial-begins-160612657.html
  9. https://www.cnn.com/videos/media/2020/05/01/entire-april-30-coronavirus-town-hall-part-5-sot-vpx.cnn
  10. https://finance.yahoo.com/news/inovio-expands-manufacturing-covid-19-120000385.html
  11. A novice question.. Does Iron stones come from out of the ground in the areas found or would they come from a event and washed into a ravine from else where ? Possibly some distance away from another place and source ?
  12. Just a cure not a vaccine. Many of heart attacks but some people it works for . A failure to the masses. The government gave them 434 million.
  13. August or September America should have this vaccine and November December for Commercial use . 2 shots a month apart and one a yr mixed with the normal flu shot .Positive results filtering in. https://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/inovio-and-geneone-life-science-report-positive-phase-12a-clinical-data-with-dna-vaccine-ino-4700-for-mers-coronavirus-at-the-american-society-of-gene--cell-therapy-asgct-conference-301048749.html
  14. Inovio pharmaceuticals is the front runner . There platform is the winner in this field being the only company to animal tested and only 2 companys are human trials have started . https://www.precisionvaccinations.com/vaccines/ino-4800-dna-coronavirus-vaccine .
  15. Nice dark color. Sweet stuff .
  16. A Barstow day run yesterday. Met up with a few club members . 2 trips out 2 scores . 5 years wasted with the GBPro in the desert and only 1 score on my maiden voyage 1.1 g and Zero ever since except parks and beaches .
  17. Really terrible news . I dont believe I ever met the man but he had the coolest avatar and great comments. R.I.P
  18. https://www.fool.com/investing/2020/04/22/heres-why-inovio-pharmaceuticals-jumped-18-today.aspx
  19. Smooth stuff great spot too .🤙🤙
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