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  1. The guy down the street got this for $1400 . Darn nice being a Isuzu Enthusiast . Made in Az. Said its street legal .cyl. .
  2. Fred Mason ,, If you were to retire in one state or the other which one would it be ? Nevada Arizona
  3. I love watching old cowboy shows and its noticable that some terrain really looks different from Nevada vs Arizona. Really like the long tall mountain ranges of Nevada . Let's hear it from you guys which you like better over the other and why ?
  4. #1 EDIBLES in the USA and Canada . Arizona Tea is a great platform 10 million from Arizona tea since 7 - 7 19 letter of intent No total debt
  5. One of my .10 stocks went to 1.50 overnight . Unfortunately I only had $300 of it but was happy to almost pay for all of my stocks . I reinvested all of the winnings for doubling down . I now have 434,000,000 shares of something I'm hoping on . Only been into this game fo 4-5 mos.
  6. How the heck did this guy pull thru ? Any updates how he made it ?
  7. My next trip there I want to try off coughrtright rd behind topak Marsh.
  8. I believe we all want to see $2000 by the years end Especially this Australian man .
  9. I use one and even on the beach its darn good handling black sand . It's not a depth torpedo but it works ok in the gold fields .
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