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  1. H-2 Charlie

    First Nugget...

    Nice chunker , thats cool a 100 years ago who ever dug that missed it and it had your name on it .
  2. H-2 Charlie

    Good Hunt Today

    Thats more colorful then a rainbow I must say .
  3. H-2 Charlie

    Coarse Hillside Specimens

    Most definitely onto a rich placer area . Very nice pieces .👊👊👊
  4. H-2 Charlie

    Coarse Nuggets !

    Not pincy one bit . Nice stuff
  5. H-2 Charlie

    Gold Monster stand

    How great is this monster now it been out and tested . How does it compare to the Equinox ?
  6. H-2 Charlie

    Coil cover needed for GBPro 5 inch round

    The reason for the cover is I have a crack about a inch and a half from wear . So this is my bandaid fix for now .
  7. H-2 Charlie

    Coil cover needed for GBPro 5 inch round

    Ordered it direct from Fisher A whole $13 . Just need to put it on with 2 part clear epoxy and a bead around the lip with silicone .
  8. H-2 Charlie

    Coil cover needed for GBPro 5 inch round

    If you think you know you have one I bet you do . let me know
  9. Anyone know where or if I can get a coil cover for my gold bug pro in a 5 inch round ?
  10. H-2 Charlie

    Here ya go,..."OMG!!"

  11. H-2 Charlie

    Storm Gold...

    Your a dang GOLD magnet Adam .
  12. H-2 Charlie


  13. H-2 Charlie

    New 2018 F150 V6 3.0L Diesel!!

    Chevy full size has a 4 banger that cuts down to 2 cylinders , imagine that a 2-cylinder full-size Silverado
  14. H-2 Charlie

    And one Fourth of July Nugget

    7 sweet ones , thats killing it .
  15. H-2 Charlie

    1.7 oz Nevada Nugget!!

    what dreams are made of .