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  1. How about another one one size smaller to scoop some dirt out of the lager one .
  2. BMc I believe it would have got missed . It detected a piece of wire the size of human hair amout 3 mm long with a full BEEEP .
  3. Were those recovered from one patch area ? Details on that Beautiful picture .
  4. I guess i will keep the Gold bug pro for beachs and parks or a extra unit for a friend. It does a great job on the beach . About 4 and a half years back a landed 1.1 gram nugget on my first day out in about 2 hours and zilch ever since .
  5. So glad i upgraded to the MONSTER 1000 . Boy really thought it was going to continue but 3 hrs into my maiden hunt the monster hooked a flat large flake . I might have a new found love for detecting as my first go to over dry washing
  6. Great thread guys . My next carry will be a 357. of some type . I really like this as it fires from the bottom.
  7. I herd many of stories from my dad that in the 1950's he and his friend were uranium hunters but never found any .
  8. There ain't nothing easy about digging gold . Good work
  9. Sweet shiny stuff . Is that one clean out , or a days of hard work ?
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