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  1. There are classes of meteorites more rare than martian meteorites. Although, there is some question as to whether any of the martian meteorites are even from Mars as none have been found to contain zeolites, which are very common in thee martian surface. That is not the point though. The point is that quartz has been found in meteorites and I posted just one example. The eucrite NWA 5218 also has quartz as does NWA 4269, NWA 049, Kapoeta, etc. How much is irrelevant. Your statement was clearly wrong as you clearly stated "If there's quartz it 100% is not a meteorite; quartz does not exist in meteorites". Maybe if you spent more time researching the subject and less time trying to act as a know it all you may actually learn something and maybe some day even answer my earlier question to you of what specifically does a meteorite look like.
  2. Look up: Magmatic cristobalite and quartz in the NWA 856 Martian meteorite
  3. Not true. Quartz has been found as a constituent in some meteorites. Here is an example: http://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/10.1111/j.1945-5100.2006.tb00495.x/pdf And another example: http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3021006/
  4. Look at the size of the Old Woman meteorite. And they never found any smaller pieces of it despite a massive search.
  5. I don't see how ozone can really be similar to chemotherapy unless you take the word chemotherapy, break it down and take it literally. In that case we would be looking at chemical therapy, which would mean even herbs, drinking water or eating would also be chemotherapy by definition. The only other thing I see that ozone has in common with chemotherapy or even radiation therapy for that matter is the fact that all three therapies have a free radical effect on cancer cells. There are some major differences beyond that though. For example, ozone therapy selectively kills cancer cells as where chemo and radiation kill healthy tissue as well. Ozone boosts the immune system as where the other therapies suppress the immune system. Ozone at therapeutic levels is not carcinogenic as where both chemo drugs and radiation therapy are. Ozone addresses the causes of cancer including pathogens and other carcinogens. Only a few chemo drugs are also antiviral and none deal with carcinogens. Radiation therapy does neither. Ozone promotes healing of healthy tissue as where chemo and radiation therapy destroy healthy tissue. And so on and so forth. One of the major limitations of chemotherapy and radiation therapy is that they require a sufficient blood and oxygen supply to the tumor to be effective. The vascular network within tumors is very erratic leading to poor blood and oxygen perfusion of the tumors inhibiting the effects of chemotherapy and radiation therapy. Ozone is not limited by the erratic vascular nature of tumors and unlike most chemotherapy drugs ozone can reach the brain and other parts of the central nervous system. Another big advantage is that it is well known that cancer cells can quickly develop a tolerance to both chemotherapy and radiation therapy, which is also part of the reason cancers tend to come back even stronger within a few years of chemotherapy and radiation therapy. Cancer cells cannot build a tolerance to ozone. So the only real similarities to chemotherapy is the fact that like everything we put in to our bodies are chemicals and like chemo ozone works, at least in large part, through a free radical mechanism. But the mechanism still has its differences. In fact, our own immune system uses virtually the same principle to kill cancer cells when they can be detected by the immune system. When natural killer (NK) cells are able to detect cancer cells they attach to the cancer cells and inject peroxide in to the cell causing the cell to swell and burst just like the peroxides formed by ozone therapy. But I would not consider the action of our NK cells to be similar to chemotherapy either even though they also use a free radical principle to kill cancer cells. As far as not being very holistic, holistic does not mean natural. Many holistic therapies utilize chemical compounds that sometimes are completely synthetic such as DCA or DMSO. The principle of holistic therapy is to treat the body as a whole rather than a single component. In other words, if a person has lung cancer allopathic medicine would either irradiate or remove the lung then use carcinogenic and immune suppressing chemotherapy drugs to try and kill any metastasized cells. In holistic medicine the lung would be left in place, the tumor would be addressed with a single or various means that can target the cancer cells, while also addressing other aspects such as going after the cause of the cancer, metastasized cells and boosting the immune system to make sure that the cancer is not only destroyed but also to make sure that it does not come back. Is there some overlap? Yes, but there are also some major differences, especially when you get deeper in to the specifics rather than going on the basics I have presented.
  6. I think part of the problem is how would mining claims be made since most of this would be in international waters. Look at the uproar there was when Russia placed a Russian flag on the sea bottom below the Arctic ice cap trying to make claim to the land under the ice.
  7. Hi Dave, Yes, I am familiar with the Gerson diet and protocol. I disagree with a lot of it though. Especially the high amount of juices, which can spike the blood sugar. I also find it contradictory that they say you cannot use spinach because of the oxalic acid but some studies have shown roughly the same oxalic acid content of the chard and beet greens that they recommend juicing. As for the protocol I strongly disagree with the coffee enemas since the caffeine will cause immune suppression by crashing the adrenals, which I have seen happen to people doing these enemas. There are other things in the protocol I also disagree with, but will not get in to them here. For a therapy to really work it should address the various aspects of cancer such as killing cancer pathogens, blocking angiogenesis, direct destruction of cancer cells specifically, blocking the Cori cycle, blocking angiogenesis, boosting of cytokines, etc. The most effective therapy I have ever found for all cancers is ozone therapy, which covers all of these aspects except for the angiogenesis inhibition. Here is a link with details: http://medcapsules.com/forum/showthread.php?tid=2358 James
  8. It needs to be noted that you should take small drinks of water frequently and before you get thirsty. If you are feeling thirsty you could already be in the first stages of dehydration. One thing I really disagree with in their statement is the use of rehydration drinks or juices. These should not be used a primary means of fluid since they can actually dehydrate you even more. There are several reasons for this. These drinks contain high amounts of sugar, which is where the problem really lies. If the sugar content exceeds 2-4% in solution this will slow the absorption of the water in to the bloodstream. This is why when I used to race in triathlons we never drank Coke without highly diluting it first. During a race diluted Coke can help improve performance due to the sugar content and small amount of caffeine in diluted Coke that enhances thermogenesis providing increased fatty acids for energy production. Undiluted though the Coke is 10% sugar, which makes the solution very hypertonic and thus delays gastric emptying unless diluted sufficiently with water to make it isotonic to hypotonic. Depending on the sugar content of the rehydration drink or juice these can be isotonic to hypertonic. Water remains the best fluid replacement during hot weather. If using rehydraiton drinks or juice I recommend adding some water to these to reduce their sugar content and to make them a little hypotonic so the absorption of the fluid is not delayed.
  9. I agree, limonite comes in various colors and patterns. I have various lumps of limonite in various shades of brown and only one that was orangish. I have several pieces of petrified wood petrified as limonite and have lava flows that have converted to limonite.
  10. I spend a lot of time backpacking, hiking, camping and cross country bicycling alone and have never carried a gun on my trips, including camping in Gold Basin. Unless you are ready and willing to pull the trigger while aiming at someone the gun could just as easily be a detriment. I have only been approached by people twice while camping. Once when I was being harassed by the police in Beatty, Nevada, and I had the police check on me when I was camping in Mexico. They were actually really nice and told me a safer place to camp and then drove by once that night to make sure I was OK.
  11. Great finds. I especially like limonite. It forms in many structures and polishes up really nice.
  12. Marcasite and pyrite are both FeS2. Marcasite and pyrite though have different crystal structures and marcasite has a lower density and and is more brittle.
  13. This should answer your question: http://www.arizonaskiesmeteorites.com/Widmanstatten/ Keep in mind though that iron meteorites can show more than one etch pattern. For example, I have a Toluca that shows two separate etch patterns including plessitic needles. So this makes things a little more complicated since the meteorite should be rather homogenous with its nickel content. Therefore, this brings up the question of how plessitic needles can form within other iron-nickel crystals. Here is some information on the plessitic structures in Toluca. http://www.minersoc.org/pages/Archive-M ... 44-413.pdf This is the Toluca after the etch. Unfortunately it was poorly cut so I could not get a real flat surface, but the etch still came out good.
  14. Looks like a marcasite nodule.
  15. Thought I would share one of the stones I found a few months back. It is a form of chromite commonly referred to as leopard chromite.
  16. Yes, I have been through a lot of that for a while. I use to have a forum on Curezone, but I was finally banned from Curezone completely because I was exposing so much of the fraud and dangerous advice that was being given on so many of the forums there. Like the guy promoting "oleander soup" for cancer and HIV. Oleander glycosides did work against a few cancer cell lines in culture, but every human study on oleander for cancer have shown it to be a failure. The only study I could find for HIV was done by adding an extract of the plant Sutherlandia, which has been shown in studies to work against cancer. But of course he is claiming the oleander was the active ingredient. Unfortunately, he was the moderator for the Cancer forum. So when I brought up cancer viruses as the primary cause of cancers we got in to it since he does not even believe in the germ theory. So he banned me from the forum. There are very effective holistic cancer therapies that have been shown to work, and the mechanisms of action are well known. Unfortunately, we hear less about those and more about the hyped up BS like "oleander soup", alkaline waters, cesium chloride, etc. being hawked by sales sites. Never heard of the "holy water" one you mentioned. And yes, you are right that mental attitude has a lot to do with survival rates. That has been proven in a number of studies. For example, one study found that when children with cancer were told to draw dragons as their cancer and knights as their therapy it was found that the children drawing pictures of their "dragons" actually being slain had significantly better outcomes than those who simply drew both on a piece of paper. A similar study was done on adults where it was found that when they could visualize PacMan as their therapy gobbling up the dots representing their cancer cells that their outcomes were again significantly better. And in another study it was found that when patients were told they had a few months to live generally died within the few months as where terminal patients given some hope fared significantly better. I have seen placebos used on patients and they do work extremely well as the brain has a powerful effect on the body in both creating and eliminating disease. Look forward to meeting you one of these days.
  17. Thanks. Forgot about Rye Patch, heard that was good. Explored mines in VC Highlands but never found a whole lot of interest. If I get back up that way amy try again. I will be up in Gabbs next month. Anyone know if there is anything of interest in the Gabbs area?
  18. I have been in the process of writing two books, but not historical. One is on osteomalacia, osteoporosis and osteoarthritis. The other I have been working on is a review of holistic cancer therapies discussing what really works and what is simply hype. Those are part of what has me so busy right now.
  19. Interesting, where around Fallon? I have relatives all throughout Nevada and use to visit Fallon, Reno and Virginia City a lot. But never heard anything about gold nuggets in those areas. Even explored a lot in 6 mile Canyon but only found silver mud and gold ore. Interesting side note. My family has a cattle ranch up at Galena going towards Mount Rose out of Reno. The lower end of the ranch is where they set up mills to process the ore from the Comstock Lode since there was not enough water in VC, but there is a natural spring at the ranch. So they would bring the ore to the ranch for processing, then cut down the trees to shore up the mines in VC. I heard a lot of interesting stories from my grandmother who was born in VC and my grandfather who worked in the mines there. Anyway, back in the 30s this guy came out to talk to my grandfather about trying to recover some of the stuff that fell off the sluice boxes in to the muck. He said he would split what he finds with my grandfather 50:50. Needless to say that did not happen. They estimated that the man had recovered around $50,000 worth of gold, silver and mercury (value from the 30s) when the guy up and disappeared with it all.
  20. Sorry, I meant to post that in the other thread.
  21. I don't know why people think they can differentiate between a real meteorite and a terrestrial rock just by looking at a picture of the outside. Take a look at these samples of known meteorites and note the various shapes and textures. They are not all smoothe, shiny or dull black or brown.
  22. Thanks Bill. No, I have not sent them off yet. I just found the first one about a month ago and the others just a few weeks ago. I did not get a chance to cut them to make sure they were meteorites last week. Therefore, they have not been sent yet. I am sending some other samples off shortly so I need to decide if I will include these in the package. The guy who classifies my meteorites wants to know what the other lab has found on my samples I sent off to them 6 years ago because he is going to start from scratch with new samples since I cannot get any type of answer from the other lab. I had several thin sections made and the samples show a lot of interesting things including defintie shock characteristics and an interesting duel lithology. But the lab wanted to send the samples off for oxygen isoptope analysis 3 years ago since they don't have the equipment. Unfortuntatley the univeristy with the machine has their own projects that take priority, so my samples have been in limbo. From what I read they only do oxygen isotope analysis on confirmed rare meteorites due to the time and cost, so I am sure that is a meteorite as well. But the lab will not tell me anything other than they are waiting on the test. So I had to do a write up on my findings such as magnetic, strongly positive on DMG nickel test, mosaic and undualtory extinction in cross polarized thin sections, etc. I pretty much have the write up finished so I can send new samples for him to start over with since I am tired of waiting on the other lab. Since I am sending them out of the country though I want to combine multiple samples in a flat rate box. Therefore, i also need to do write ups on the other samples I decide to send. Before this I already had several other samples I have been studying to see if they should be sent so I am not sure now what I am going to send first. I am waiting for some more DMG to come in to test a few samples for nickel. If they are positive then I will likely send those first because they would not be as common as these which look like H6 meteorites. The DMG should be here by Wednesday so I should be sending out whatever samples hopefully next week. I just don't want to overwhelm him with a bunch of samples a once, so I prefer to focus on anything that looks like a rarer class first. For example, this one: You can see one of the metal flakes in the center.
  23. I disagree. I have been studying meteorites long enough to know what to look for and have a collection of known meteorties in excess of 300 pounds. So I have seen a lot of meteorites in person as well. But yes, there are some magnetic rocks with a lot of weight for their size, which is why I did not post them as meteorites until I had a chance to cut them open and study the inside. The silvery, metal flakes of iron nickel in these specimens is the big give-a-way. The reason I collected them in the first place is because I have been searching that area for years and never found a single magnetic rock out there until I ran in to these. So I brought them home, photographed them so I have a record of them in their whole state with their weights, then I cut samples off each piece and lapped them down to study the interior. All but one have very abundant shiny metal flakes throughout the matrix and one has very visible thin, black, directional veins that look like the shock veins in so many of the meteorites in my collection. The other rock also has silvery metal flakes, but not as abundant as the other specimens. But it looks a lot like several of the aubrites I have seen. So unless you can tell me what terrestrial rocks that have that kind of density and abundant scattered silvery metal flakes thoughout the matrix I will have to disagree with you.
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