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  1. Oh really? Yeah it is super light! About the same weight as a nickel, maybe lighter. I tried to burn it, didn't do anything to it, tried to cut it, didn't do anything. It's a tough little thing.
  2. Thanks guys! I did some research on the minerals you mentioned and I think it is a form of jade after all. It must have had an encounter with a volcano in the past since the top side of it is super blackened and the inside is glassy. Thanks again. : )
  3. LOL hmmmm somehow I doubt that.. but you never know!
  4. I found this rock by the river in northern California. It is very light, no traces of metal (doesn't stick to a magnet anyway). It's very glassy on the inside but dull on the outside. Any takers on what it is? I tried to find something similar to it on google, closest thing I could find was a lightning-struck rock called a fulgurite. Could this be a fulgurite, or just volcanic rock? I can see that it is very black in some parts, almost looks like fusion crust like a meteorite would have (but again, there's no iron/nickel in it). I appreciate any of your thoughts!
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