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  1. There's roughly 35 -5 gallon buckets per cubic yard. So that might give you some idea of the values on that basis.
  2. So if the previous administration hammered alaska by banning the pebble mine project which would have resulted in thousands of high paying jobs over 180 years, I just know you voted for Biden... didn't you?
  3. To be honest, I lived out west years ago when there were still plenty of undiscovered patches to be found...and find some I did. Things are a little different these days with all the hunting pressure over the years since. I'm convinced there's still some patches to be found but in very remote areas where very few people (if any) have been before.
  4. Really nice specimen. Congrats. Actually I had much better luck just driving around and detecting on a whim than going where everyone told me to go.😏
  5. The snowflakes have left so here's an oldie but goodie to celebrate.
  6. As long as the snowflakes go away, we'll be okay.
  7. Do you know if one can still find these in the field? Are these found in one specific location or does Australite refer to any tektite found in Australia.
  8. Did you find it yourself?
  9. I've tried many types of meat..some pretty exotic. Does duck taste like chicken?
  10. I'm assuming that's a tektite from Australia. Nice one.
  11. I ran across this article today. I'm sure most of you have seen photos of these geodes in the past. But I've never seen one this big. https://mymodernmet.com/large-amethyst-geodes/
  12. No offense but that seems to be spinning a little too fast to be really effective. Can the speed be adjusted or is it preset?
  13. One possibility is the data given on usgs website was taken before accurate longitude and latitude readings became readily available. These days just about any good gps unit will give accurate information. That same data may not have been available when the mine was originally listed.
  14. You should get yourself a good battery operated SW fluorescent mineral lamp and prospect for specimens. Arizona is a great state to look for them. There's roughly 10,000 collectors in the USA so that's not a small market and some of those specimens can go for $200 to $300 and up. Everyone searches for gold but I would bet you've walked over fluorescent "gold" without even knowing it.
  15. The "right spot" is the key. I doubt very much if you'll find a "right spot" on a rrpc claim.
  16. I think you'd be lucky to get one gram in a week's time at some of those rrpc claims.
  17. I'm not sure exactly what you have. My first thought was crinoids but I don't think it's that.. My next thought was stromatolites but not sure on that either. I'm sure there's a fossil forum that might be able to answer your question.. If you find out, let us know as I'm curious myself.
  18. From the corny "man in the robots" of 50's sci-fi films to the sophisticated ones of today, they have sure come a long ways. https://www.theverge.com/tldr/2020/12/29/22205055/boston-dynamics-robots-spot-atlas-handle-dancing-video
  19. Thought I would post these two articles I came across recently. Somewhat related to the topic at hand. A lot to think about when owning a mining claim. https://www.deseret.com/utah/2020/12/27/21575958/abandoned-mines-and-the-varied-ways-utah-works-to-close-them https://www.deseret.com/utah/2020/12/27/21551667/the-pitfalls-of-owning-old-mining-sites-in-salt-lakes-wasatch-canyons
  20. I get the same message as well.
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