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  1. If you provide a specific location, that might help with indentification.
  2. It's obviously some type of metallic sulphide. Is the streak black or gray? That might help narrow it down.
  3. I can't say I've ever seen anything like that before. My guess is it's some type of agate. You could send photos to a local university in that area that has a geology dept. Perhaps they might know the specifics. Looks like a nice find. Congrats.
  4. Why would they need to put an expiration date on something like those? Seems like they would last forever.
  5. It's available but you have to pay for it. $24.99 for the DVD. There's another documentary from PBS called the The Klondike Gold Rush and that's available on Amazon Prime as a rental for $3.99.
  6. I'm familiar with Mineral Park as being the source of the world famous Kingman turquoise.
  7. I see it's powered by a flux capacitor.😏😏 Very nice.
  8. It's probably a sulphide of some type. Do a streak test. https://geology.com/minerals/streak-test.shtml
  9. You should stir it each day to get fresh solution on the surface.. Since you have a lot of surface area, it may take more than one bottle of each to get the desired results. Just be patient.
  10. I get the same warning when I try to log into the forum from nuggetshooters.com. If go straight to www.nuggetshooter.ibphost.com there's no issue.
  11. No doubt there's many more that probably will never be discovered.
  12. Some of you have seen these crystals before. I thought I'd post this link for some of the newcomers that haven't seen these. https://www.acgmaterials.com/cave-crystals-giant-crystal-cave-naica-mexico/ Just amazing they can get this big.
  13. This is a specimen I prepared using Whink. It weighed about 29 grams to start with just a pinhead of gold showing. The finished weight is 15.89 grams. It took about 6 weeks to dissolve roughly 14 grams of quartz off the specimen.
  14. 50 % Hydrofluoric acid is very dangerous to use and I wouldn't recommend it unless you have an extensive chemical lab background and the equipment to go along with it. I suggest you try Armor Etch or Whink rust remover..or a combination of both. Armor Etch is a cream and Whink a liquid and you would get better results with a combination of the two imho. Both contain very dilute Hydrofluoric acid and it will dissolve quartz but it will take A LONG TIME.... possibly weeks or even months depending on the results you want. I've used it and it does work very well but you have to be p
  15. I'm not seeing any remaglypts on any of these chinese Gongshi stones. While they might look similar, I believe they have different origins.
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