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  1. I have no experience in either but I would prefer to have a multipurpose detector these days versus a single purpose one so you can hunt relics, coins and gold nuggets as well. But like everything else, you have to master it to be successful.
  2. Happy Birthday Bob.. Hope you have a great day.
  3. Those are lightweight meteorites compared to the irons or stonies. No doubt it landed much softer than the others would have. Here's another fall in France they are looking for. I don't like the odds on this one. https://www.theguardian.com/world/2021/mar/05/france-meteorite-search-apricot
  4. I'm no expert but I would have thrown that in the pile. Doesn't have most of the meteorite characteristics I'm familiar with. I can understand why you think it has potential though.
  5. Looks like hematite or magnetite.
  6. Those remind me of gold from Liberty, Washington. Very nice pictures.
  7. Your president says quit whining. https://www.nbcnews.com/news/latino/stop-whining-bolsonaro-tells-brazilians-record-covid-deaths-rcna360
  8. I know I am. I should have become a comedian.😉
  9. Where did it come from? I'm thinking sunstone but that's just a guess.
  10. These old mine mill sites have been around for decades so I know they'll be standing even after this harsh winter. The old timers knew how to build things to last.
  11. I think he has a severe comprehension problem. Somethings wrong with his brain.
  12. Yeah...he got fired by over 81 million people.
  13. We can't say his name or it becomes political.
  14. I guess you get and trust the information from the man who thinks he has the biggest, the bestest, the most fantastic brain in the entire universe.
  15. I'm surprised it hasn't been taken over by squatters.
  16. You could break it open or at least knock a large chip off it to see the interior. You might get a better idea of what it is.
  17. Local or state historical society?
  18. Thanks for posting this. I've seen pics of most of these nuggets but never in one link. Just makes me wonder what it is about australia's geology that produces such monstrous nuggets. Were the gold deposits formed in australia much younger than those elsewhere, thus reducing the chances of being eroded out of the veins and forming placer? That's about the only thing I can think of.
  19. I wish you would have found some softball sized garnets for all the work you did.
  20. There is no gold tax. It's just about like everything thing else if you make a profit over a certain amount...you pay a tax on it whether it's stocks, collectibles, property, etc. Quit blaming the obama administration for everything.
  21. Looks like it might be chrysocolla. Second choice would be malachite. If you can provide a specific location, that might help.
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