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  1. Congress has a five star motel. Even the rats eat in style.
  2. Looks like a conglomerate of some type. Not a meteorite. Sorry.
  3. I think the prices reflect a pent up demand of hotel-motel rooms for people wanting to get away after being cooped up for a year or so.
  4. Happy Birthday Bill. Have a good day.
  5. I just love solar winds. They give me a great tan.😉
  6. Won't make any difference. Gas operated vehicles will become extinct in the coming years and the technology will get better as well.
  7. A bunch of this material hit the market about 10 years ago but I haven’t seen anything new since. One dealer was giving the location as Oglala National Grasslands, Sioux County Nebraska and another dealer was giving the location as Scenic, Pennington County, South Dakota. This piece was labeled as the latter.
  8. I really think every gold prospector should have a good battery powered SW lamp in their arsenal. You run into all kinds of outcroppings, ore dumps, etc that can be checked out for fluorescence. Good multi colored specimens can fetch hundreds of dollars on the market depending on number of colors, patterns, aesthetics. All it takes is one good specimen to pay itself off. A really good lamp can be used during the day as well.
  9. All fluorescent minerals contain minor "activator" elements such as uranium, lead, manganese, chromium and others.
  10. Sometimes you find calcite sandwiched between two layers of chalcedony but only in certain locations. This is called watermelon chalcedony for obvious reasons.
  11. Let us know what it is. I'm curious.
  12. Have you done a streak test in it? All this does it tell you the color of the powder. https://geology.com/minerals/streak-test.shtml If you don't have a porcelain plate, you can grind a piece into a fine powder then smear it on a piece of white paper.
  13. Can you grind a window into it so we can see what's inside? We need to see the interior. Use a nail file or sand paper.
  14. Morlock


    There's a used one on eBay for $1800.00.
  15. This is an artifact that came off a statue. I was being very, very diplomatic for even suggesting otherwise. I can't think of any process whether it's mummification, petrification or fossilization that would produce anything close to what resembles the hand in the photo.
  16. Not 100 percent sure of everything you have. I see some glass, lapis, coral, citrine. Some of it I don't recognize. Did you find those yourself?
  17. Ruby in fuchsite and it's fluorescent in long wave.
  18. I would imagine an x-ray might help but I just don't think it's a fossil. That area is littered with ruins from the ages and it's part of a statue. You'd have to really convince me otherwise.
  19. Most likely it's part of a statue so a DNA test is not going to be helpful. I suggest you contact an archeology dept at a local university near where you live. But be careful... if they know who you are and where you live..it could be confiscated.
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